Obama Taxes You to Make College Free for Others


Obama proposed today to pay for up to 75% of the costs of the first two years of community college.  That is a fee charged to the Federal government, and by Federal government I mean “we.”  Estimates for this program in its initial years will exceed $9 billion.  Not sure if Obama got the Free College Tuition idea from Tennessee Governor, Bill Haslam, a Republican, who had already come up with the Tennessee Promise in his state, for a number of other states–Michigan, Illinois, (the Chicago program requires a 3.0 GPA and college readiness) also have programs already in place and are prepared to expand them.  Either this is a case where the federal government wants to own education and thereby dummy down the standards or the individual schools are having a hard time competing against free schools online.  Sounds like states and government in general are having a hard time keeping the narrative that higher education is your fix to a better life in America.  Perhaps it’s all of the debt-strapped graduates whose lives have been fisted by all of the lies of college this and college that sold by military recruiters and the “We don’t count the cost” public-school counselors.  The other factor, of course, is the internet.  Talk about free schooling.  Maybe that is what the government is competing against, guys like Salmon Kahn, the Ron Paul Curriculum, and others.  The internet is having a tremendous effect.  It’s one reason why the government wants to police it.

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Free community college cartoon

Politically, President Obama is not acting in the tradition of a president presiding over a capitalist free republic.  The best headline that I’ve seen so far on this proposal was cut by the boys at Voices of Liberty.  Their headline reads “Obama Wants Your Tax Dollars to Be Spent on Free Community College.”  By offering free schooling, he is satisfying Plank #10 of the Communist Manifesto. I kid you not. Plank #10 reads “Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children’s factory labor in its present form and combination of education with industrial production.”  Now it is true that free public school has been a tradition in the U.S. and anyone can counter with that point.  And the fact that he not only preserves this tradition but expands on it to the community college, where youngsters now are purported adults tells us, well, tells me, that the president wants to extend his political influence in the next election.

I don’t mean to sound apocalyptic but how can one not see how the lower standards will further threaten western civilization?  How can one not see how the talent is no longer found in America but in India, China, Russia, and former 3rd world nations?

UPDATE, Sunday January 11, 2014:

Some interesting details about Obama’s community college plan are beginning to emerge.  One, the plan is not going to cost $9 billion; rather it is going to cost $60 billion over 10 years.  Additionally, the academic standards will sink.  Under Obama’s plan all that a student need maintain is a 2.5 GPA and only 50% attendance.  Obama is paying to incentivize the country’s youth to kick back and take it easy.

A few columnists have said that Obama’s plan will shake up the for-profit colleges.  How?  I can easily see a situation arising where students who start at the community college will be looked on as poorly prepared given the fact that their education didn’t cost them a dime, where they only had to attend 50% of the time, and where the students were held only to a 2.5 GPA standard.  Community colleges will turn into large drug distribution centers as if they aren’t already.

I wonder if school doesn’t do more harm to an individual than good.  I was a terrific article yesterday on gang violence in the U.S. with a focus on California.  It’s down.  Way down.  Do you know what the gang members are preferring now to violence?  Profit.  That’s right.  They’re going out to get jobs and earning money.  But somehow the kids sitting in college classroom already feel above this group because, well, “they’re enrolled in college.”  And I wonder whose dreams these kids are serving?  Their parents’ dreams?  Their high school teachers’ dreams?  Their own dreams?

Above Tom Woods interviews Bryan Caplan, Economics professor at George Mason. Students are not motivated or educationally inclined. Money is not going to the students but to the administrators. Any perverse incentives there? Students get the money and don’t go to school at all. Forces schools to admit students who would do poorly.  In the 1950s, only 25% of adult Americans had a high school diploma.  Back then a high school diploma is what you needed to certify yourself for a serious job.  Now because so many have a HS diploma it doesn’t really say that much about you.  So you have to go out and get a Bachelor’s degree or Masters.  The payoff with getting a college degree is like standing up at a concert so you can see better.  On a social level all of his education is wasteful, because the more you have the more you need and so the meaning of certification gets reduced to filing on-line and paying a fee without registering any unique distinction.
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