Walking on Sunshine

If you’re old enough you should remember when people talked about the weather as a way to avoid highly charged topics like politics or religion. Talking about the weather used to be one the most harmless, neutral ways to start a conversation with a neighbor or stranger. Not any more. The topic of the weather has become a kind of Lite Beer commercial, for those of you who are old enough to grasp that reference. It seems that there are endless headlines pointing to catastrophic evidence of the natural habitat collapsing due to man’s making things. Global warming is causing the North Pole’s ice sheet to melt. Really? Ooh, that’s bad. The poor polar bear has less and less ice mass to call home and is forced to swim in the great sea scouring for the tiniest of icebergs. Ooh, that’s not good. Ignore for a moment that these creatures have adapted through every kind of weather trend throughout history. Yet, the polar bears seem to be the only concern for global warmists.  What about people?  Aren’t people more important, more valuable than polar bears swimming the frigid waters of the Arctic Ocean?

So gone are the days when you could talk innocently about last week’s cold snap. Today it’s called an arctic blast or El Nino or global warming . . . er, now, climate change. I mean the folks who manage the discourse seem to get more and more non-specific with what they’re talking about. Who knows–maybe this year climate change will become “Weather.” That’s it. Just “weather” as a kind of meme for man’s cataclysmic havoc he is wreaking on the globe. Not on his community or in his city or how his actions affect his county, state, or nation. No. This is global. And how fitting, too, since the worries of the crazy of the crazies become more alarming if their worries are larger than most people’s ability to reference. I mean how many of us living in Orange Country, CA are familiar with the landscape of Canoga Park or Bakersfield? Forget that! Better to be concerned about global issues. Soon that will be too narrow. Next we’ll be asked to be worried about the inter-planetary or inter-galactical electric storms on the far side of Arp-87.

So why all the fuss over the weather? Why has it become so politicized? Generally, when something has become so politicized it is because of money, tax-funded money.

And then there is the other question, “Cui bono”? Or who benefits? It has been said that after the fall of communism in 1991, that many of the communists went underground into the environmental movement. It’s one reason why global warmers are referred to as watermelons–green on the outside, red on the inside.


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