Walter Williams: Suffer No Fools

Walter Williams: Suffer No Fools from Free To Choose Network on Vimeo.

Thanks to Gary North’s Tea Party Economist.

The Left and their equality narrative will never admit, let alone acknowledge, that the equal outcome mindset has caused more defective results with each group it tries to raise up.

The video cites the excellent example of Jackie Robinson’s breaking through the racial barrier of the major leagues.  Baseball was exempt from anti-trust laws and so could exclude a huge pool of competitive labor.  Blacks already had their own league and many of the players and teams were far superior to white players and teams.  The pushback against Jackie Robinson is that he truly did break the barrier; not just the racial barrier, but he opened the floodgates of that huge pool of available and highly competitive talent that the majors were trying to keep out.  It was a case of owners cashing in on their mini-monopolies.  Once Jackie Robinson broke the barrier, it opened up a huge pool of available and competitive talent from around the world.


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