Infected People “Will Have Lifelong, Permanent Immunity to [Measles]”

Though this review is not strictly over whether to vaccinate or not, know that vaccinations do not provide you with lifelong, permanent immunity to measles.  Only the anti-bodies to it produced by your immunte system can do that.  Donald W. Miller to me presents the soundest take on the measles for which there is no epidemic despite what the news spreads.

“Vast Majority of People Who Are Contracting Measles Have Been Fully Vaccinated Against It . . . .” Dr. Donald W. Miller, Jr.

from Dr. Miller’s article posted at Lew

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Before there was a vaccine for it, just about every person in America got measles. They would catch this highly communicable childhood disease usually between the age of 5 and 9. From 1900 to 1960, with improved sanitation, clean water, and better nutrition fostered by rapid delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables along with affordable refrigerators, the mortality rate from measles in the U.S. dropped more than 95 percent.

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Health officials, both in the U.S. and UK, blame unvaccinated people and the “anti-vaxxers” for these outbreaks. Assisted by a compliant media, they downplay the fact that the vast majority of people who are contracting measles have been fully vaccinated against it—more than 95 percent in some outbreaks.

One benefit of having measles is that a person so infected will then have lifelong, permanent immunity to it. Mothers transfer antibodies against measles to their babies, which protect them from this disease during their early critical months of life. The MMR shot, however, does not provide lifelong immunity to measles. It only lasts several years, and successively less effective booster shots are required.

There is a second, major benefit of measles that health authorities overlook. Measles helps a child’s immune system grow strong and mature.

Short-lived vaccine immunity renders people under age 55-60 vulnerable to contracting measles at a bad age, with infants less than 1 year old and adults over 20 years old at greatest risk. The day may once again come when parents, while avoiding the vaccine, hold measles parties for their children in the age window of 5 to 9 years (like some families now do in Germany) so they can have measles at the safest time in their lives, thereby achieving the benefits of a strengthened immune system and lifelong natural immunity from this disease.


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