Secession Through Economics, Not Revolution

Secession is popular.  Secession is freedom.  All over the world, states are working to throw off the yoke of the larger state that rules them.  Scotland was the most recent example.  Greece’s recent election for fiscal reform and to bring the country out of unproductive debt is toying with secession from the EU, an entity originally planned to make all of its members richer.  The Kiev government in Ukraine has declared a kind of bizarre independence from Russia with the help of Victoria Nuland and the U.S. State Dept.  The Catalonia movement on the French and Spanish borders has been a decades’ long movement, since the 1930s, with greater and lesser success.

Point is is that secession is popular all over the world. But governments do not report on it, one, because it throws their very legitimacy into question. But they cannot stop it.  The best they can do is identify the major trading partners that these new states have established and antagonize them.

States and counties in the United States want to secede from the federal government to form their own country.  And why not?  Certain counties in the U.S. are more productive at generating wealth and prefer to keep their wealth local and do with it what they want.  The world economy has never been this interconnected or global.  A shop in Escondido, CA can make a product and generate a lot of wealth by delivering it all over the world.  If a county is a business friendly community, they will organize according to mutual self-interest.  This is how business works.  Giving less to Uncle Sam for its failed programs might be one of those mutual self-interests.  Secession starts with nullification.  Whereas California and Washington have plied for pot use for medical purposes only, it’s Colorado that has actually nullified a federal prohibition on marijuana.  The result is local government.

Secession is treated in the U.S. just as it was during the Civil War.  But the country today is bigger and the secessionist movement is spreading.

The media will have you believe that independence is about gay marriage or marijuana, but the real issue is as it was in the run up to the Civil War, tariffs, or taxes if you like, on the products that the states have chosen to generate revenue for their jurisdiction. States want to keep a greater share of their wealth from their respective industries.  You see secessionist cracks in states like Colorado, Washington, and California for revenue that can be gleaned from the agricultural end, the distribution end, and sales end.  It’s lucrative.  Secession means throwing off prohibition.  It is 1932 all over again.

But how is one to know if secession is good for the individual?  How do we know that free states will be better for individual freedom than a national government?  This is after all THE issue fought over during the Civil War.  Will the presiding rulers of the federal government conduct a similar war against the states as Lincoln launched in 1861?

Then there are the counties.  Caitlin Dickson of the Daily Beast points out that “Five counties in Maryland want to form their own state. So do eight in Colorado and one in Northern California. And the Lone Star State is on its way becoming an independent ‘island nation,’ according to an influential Texas Republican.”

Federal government has gotten so big that it can no longer be representative, and so the natural trend is secession and decentralization. Ron Paul has recently claimed the decentralization will occur by default.

It basically comes down to this.  “’Our voices are being ignored in the legislative process this year, and our very way of life is under attack,’ Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway said in July, adding that not only is the effort ‘not a stunt,’ it is indisputably motivated by a feeling of disenfranchisement among people in rural communities.'”  Uncle Sam has grown much too large.  With every war that Congress gives a pass to and the president declares by “police action” or by fiat, the federal government grows.  When Congress funds a war, much of that funding is used domestically to expand and gird support for the war and greater expansion.  The counties and the states no longer see eye to eye with the federal government.

It doesn’t mean no government. It just means that authority in government will shift from a federal government back to authority by county. Authority will be restored to the County seats. National politics, according to Gary North, has always been “a waste of our time.” He continues that the reliance on a national government “. . . means that the Powers That Be keep Americans amused by screening the candidates in rigged elections in which they can’t lose and we can’t win. Ever.”

“What can produce a viable solution? Three words: the Great Default. When Washington’s checks bounce, the bureaucratic system will be de-funded.

It’s coming. Prepare.”

Jeff Deist from the Mises Institute has even outlined a plan for secession:

How To Secede Right Now
So in closing, let me make a few humble suggestions for beginning a journey of personal secession. Not all of these may apply to your personal circumstances; no one but you can decide what’s best for you and your family. But all of us can play a role in a bottom-up revolution by doing everything in our power to withdraw our consent from the state:

  • Secede from intellectual isolation. Talk to like-minded friends, family, and neighbors — whether physically or virtually — to spread liberty and cultivate relationships and alliances. The state prefers to have us atomized, without a strong family structure or social network;
  • secede from dependency. Become as self-sufficient as possible with regard to food, water, fuel, cash, firearms, and physical security at home. Resist being reliant on government in the event of a natural disaster, bank crisis, or the like;
  • secede from mainstream media, which promotes the state in a million different ways. Ditch cable, ditch CNN, ditch the major newspapers, and find your own sources of information in this internet age. Take advantage of a luxury previous generations did not enjoy;
  • secede from state control of your children by homeschooling or unschooling them;
  • secede from college by rejecting mainstream academia and its student loan trap. Educate yourself using online learning platforms, obtaining technical credentials, or simply by reading as much as you can;
  • secede from the US dollar by owning physical precious metals, by owning assets denominated in foreign currencies, and by owning assets abroad;
  • secede from the federal tax and regulatory regimes by organizing your business and personal affairs to be as tax efficient and unobtrusive as possible;
  • secede from the legal system, by legally protecting your assets from rapacious lawsuits and probate courts as much as possible;
  • secede from the state healthcare racket by taking control of your health, and questioning medical orthodoxy;
  • secede from your state by moving to another with a better tax and regulatory environment, better homeschooling laws, better gun laws, or just one with more liberty-minded people;
  • secede from political uncertainly in the US by obtaining a second passport; or
  • secede from the US altogether by expatriating.
  • Most of all, secede from the mindset that government is all-powerful or too formidable an opponent to be overcome. The state is nothing more than Bastiat’s great fiction, or Murray’s gang of thieves writ large. Let’s not give it the power to make us unhappy or pessimistic.

All of us, regardless of ideological bent and regardless of whether we know it or not, are married to a very violent, abusive spendthrift. It’s time, ladies and gentlemen, to get a divorce from DC.


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