Bruce Jenner Takes on New Hurdle

Jenner 25460C4900000578-2944152-Olympic_winner_Bruce_Jenner_is_a_famed_athlete_He_is_pictured_ab-a-20_1423358949573

65 year-old, former Olympian, Bruce Jenner, was in a traffic accident on PCH in Malibu on February 7, 2015 that left a few people injured and one woman, 69 year-old neighbor Kim Howe, dead.  Ms. Howe’s death was the awful thing about this accident.  Ms. Howe was a neighbor to Jenner who lived in the same Calabassas gated community.   That a woman has died in a fatal traffic accident is tragic enough; to have it compounded by the fact that Ms. Howe was a neighbor and that the Jenners and Kardashians probably knew Ms. Howe is absolutely heart-breaking.

It’s not clear what or who caused the accident.  The accident is re-enacted in the video below and does a pretty good job at depicting fault.  Jensen, driving a Cadillac Escalade and a tow, crashed into Ms. Howe’s Lexus.  Her car was bumped into oncoming traffic.  It was an accident that led to someone’s death.  Beyond being at fault for the accident, nothing else was amiss.  Jenner was given a roadside sobriety test, which he passed, so he wasn’t intoxicated in any way. He was towing a dune buggy, and a tow adds extra weight to the vehicle that a driver may not have in his braking time adjusted for.

But Jenner being a high-profile figure anyway, and made more so by his recent news that he will be seeking gender reassignment, the news, in its endless chase after ratings, prefers to hound him and turn up the bark by assigning a more sinister, criminal intent.  There was none.  It was an accident.   See Paul Huebl’s insights on the media’s treatment of Jenner’s accident.

Due to their high profile and wealth, celebrities are easy fodder for accusations and can generate thousands and millions for ambitious law offices.  Whoever it is some legal entity or LA entertainment agency is trying to throw Bruce Jenner under the bus.

What does seem unusual to me is the fact that they’ve got pre-accident photos of Jenner’s Cadillac and Ms. Howe’s Lexus.  Apparently the surveillance cameras are ubiquitous on PCH and are able to record every encounter.  Now that is strange.  But this photo below looks like it is taken from a driver parked on the side of the highway from inside his own car.  Cannot tell for sure.

Jenners Cadillac 2575ADA100000578-2944476-image-a-18_1423394909734


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