One Battle, Two Battle, Three Battle, Four . . . .

There are 19 international airports in Ukraine.  There are 26 other public airports.  Kiev alone has 5 airports.  There are 7 military airports throughout Ukraine.  And beyond this total number there are an additional 23 other public airports.  That makes for a lot of airports, 66 in total.  In a country of 45.5 million people, the Ukrainians can find their way to an airport.  At least the wealthy and middle class can.  But using even one airport as a pawn in the battle for a particular region is absolute evil.

Pictured below, the Donetsk International Airport, commissioned in 2012, was destroyed in two separate battles.  One, called the First Battle of the Donetsk Airport, took place in late May of 2014.  The second battle took place later that year toward the end of September.  Wikipedia explains that “All civilian airline operations including Lufthansa, Air Berlin, Aeroflot, and many other were suspended due to armed conflict in October 2014, and the airport and its facilities were subsequently completely destroyed.”

The obvious disregard that those in control of the war and their destructive impulses illustrates beyond a doubt how little the violent monopolists care about civilization.  Airports, bus terminals, dock yards, taxi terminals, even one’s own vehicle, if these are out of commission it means that the individual is trapped and has little recourse to escape natural or man-made disasters.  True, other airports do exist.  But who pays for the cost of the construction of the airport that is now gone?  Who pays to rebuild?  Where will they get the funds?  From tax-payers?  Kramatorsk Airport is 20 miles away is located in Kramators’k, a province of 164, 283 people, a little larger than Pasadena, CA.  The governing bodies in countries of the old Soviet Union are called oblasts.  When you think of an oblast, think of a New York borough or a Southern California neighborhood.  They are smaller than our states and smaller than our counties, I believe.

Whereas the destruction of timeless artifacts of a civilization–founding documents, ancient treasures, texts, paintings, songs, and sculpture–transportation terminals come in a close second to, if not killing then at least demoralizing a population.  The founding documents and texts of a civilization once taken or destroyed are irreplaceable.  An airport you can rebuild.  But when?  That will be delayed.  It will leave a scar.  Perhaps that is its intention–a reminder by the victors, if you can call them that, of who whipped who.

This past week Butler Shaffer commented in a post titled, “War As a Crime Against Civilization,” how the U.S. gutted the cultural artifacts and history of Iraq during the opening weeks and months of the invasion of Iraq.  He states:

Among the earliest casualties of the American attack on Iraq were the destruction and looting of archaeological sites, museums, libraries, and other cultural locations that help a nation to define itself. The United States did not invent such ruinous forms of barbarism, nor has the practice abated in such cities as Mosul, where ISIS forces have eagerly and intentionally looted the local museum of its important collections. The fourth century burning of the library at Alexandria – then considered to be the greatest collection of the world’s literature – reveals the depths of insanity that inhere in the war system.

The loss of cultural artifacts is no less egregious and grievous than the loss of one’s brother, father, mother, baby sister, aunt or friend from the neighborhood you’ve know since you were 9.  Loss is rarely if ever counted beforehand, and if it is it is counted on the ledgers to the benefit of the contractors hired prior to the invasion to come in and rebuild monstrosities belonging to some other Behemoth culture.

Well, this story is now playing out in Syria, in Iraq, in Donestk, Ukraine whose small airport is gutted and lay in ruined beams.  From this, an airport whose construction completed in 2012:

donetsk airport sign 5afe7135fe67aaf2

donetsk IMAG2080

donetsk airport with plane 140506-donetsk-airport-terminal-sergey-prokofiev

donetsk at night

to this:


Ukraine airport until-recently-the-airport-was-controlled-by-ukrainian-troops-who-took-fire-and-shelling-from-rebel-troops-at-all-hours-of-the-day-and-night

Ukraine airport n-janua

 Ukraine Timeline:

February 22, 2014, Presidential Coup in the Ukraine.

Within in the next day or two, “on the orders of one of the “new leaders” of Ukraine, all the gold reserves of the Ukraine were taken to the United States.”

In my opinion, the situation in the Ukraine is dire.  Read Daniel McAdams’ assessment:

US-backed president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, was among the elites gathering in Davos, Switzerland this week to attend the 2015 World Economic Forum. During his speech he made the remarkable claim that 9,000 Russian troops were currently fighting in Ukraine on behalf of the independence-seeking areas of the country. These 9,000 troops have brought with them tanks, heavy artillery, and armored vehicles, he claimed. “Is this not aggression?” he asked the gathered elites.

The US was quick to amplify Poroshenko’s claims, with US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power Tweeting today:

State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki was asked whether the US might at least admit that the missiles fired by the Kiev authorities into residential areas in eastern Ukraine this week were a violation of the September ceasefire agreed upon in Minsk, Belarus. She refused to admit as much, and in fact she refused to even admit that the shells killing scores of civilians this past week were fired by the US-backed regime in Kiev. “Russia is not complying” with the agreement was all she would say.

NATO agreed with the US government assessment, adding that the movement of heavy equipment from Russia into Ukraine had increased in pace recently.

There appears to be a problem, however. The 9,000 troops and heavy weapons and equipment that purportedly accompanies them have been seen by no one.

Read more . . . 

If you want to learn more about Petro Poroshenko, listen to Daniel McAdams.  This interview by Scott Horton is a pretty good beginning.  The Kiev military uses their weapons against citizens in Donetsk and in Lugansk, Ukraine.  U.S. turns blind eye to Lugansk massacre.  McAdams makes the decisive point.  If the story is not in line with the establishment line, it will not get air time.

Lugansk, Ukraine.
Lugansk, Ukraine.

I am sure that you’re inured with all of the suberfuge, the violation of treaties, of constitutions, the double-speak by Kerry and other U.S. officials, but if you can do it I highly recommend that you listen to this extremely enlightening interview of Daniel McAdams.  McAdams makes an interesting point. When future generations look back on the folly of war, they ask “How did all of that carnage happen?”  McAdams clears that up–the media hides the truth from people. And this is what is happening in the Ukraine.  There are horrible atrocities occurring in Eastern Ukraine against Ukrainian citizens by the government in Kiev and the world does nothing.  The U.S. turns a blind eye.


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