What Iranians Wish For . . .

Given all the propagandizing in a drive to war with Iran, I thought it would be nice to see and hear what is important to Iranians.

Rick Steves explained that it bothered him that fear is being used against us in our society. He’s right, and you know he’s right.  What he found was a fundamental humanness with the Iranians.

Rich culture.  70 million people.  Major influence in the area for 2500 years. In Iran, foreigners are a gift from God.  Steves does note how the Iranian people have given away their freedoms for a theocracy.  And I think that this is the big disagreement that westerners have with Iranians.  I just don’t like all of the saber-rattling inspired by the Israeli government.  Iranians are Persian. They are not Arabs.  Their ancient religion is Zoroastrian.  They do not speak Arabic; they speak Farsi.  It’s not the Gulf of Arabia; it’s the Persian Gulf.


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