Hillary Mann Everett: Iran Can Bring Peace to the Middle East

I thought that this was a terrific interview with Hillary Mann Everett. Her comments were knowledgeable and experienced. I will order her book and read it to get a better understanding of how the U.S. needs to proceed as it tries to form long-term relationships that might chafe its ally, Israel.  The hardliners in Israel won’t like it.  The hardliners in the U.S. won’t like it.  But it looks like the U.S. has to accept an Islamic Republic in Iran against the wishes of Israel instead of bombing its way to regime change. This is one reason whey Israel has been so vocal in its disapproval with President Obama. As Iran is gaining legitimacy throughout the middle east, Israel is clamoring for the U.S. to take a position against this purported enemy. The focus has been on nuclear weapons. But that is a non-issue. Iran has no nuclear weapons. Israel has nearly 300 of them. So on that score, Israel is the boy who is crying wolf. And as loud as they cry, as desperate as they cry by allowing the Netanyahu to speak to Congress, which he has done before, particularly in the run-up to the Iraq War, their cry is falling on deaf ears. Because it is in the economic interests of the U.S. to recognize Iran’s Islamic Republic.

Despite the vitriolic rhetoric of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, despite the hateful backlash coming out of Israel, Iran, though an indifferent theocracy, prefers a moderate foreign policy. They have the power to exert a peaceful influence throughout the middle east. And with China wanting to reclaim a silk road from Central China to Western China, Iran is also brokering that deal, one which might behoove the U.S. to work as a partner.

Take a listen to the interview. I think you’ll be impressed with Hillary Mann Everett’s insights.

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Her book.


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