New Bank Is Met with ICBM

This is interesting.

According to this report, “An intercontinental ballistic missile was fired early Monday from a facility in California, the US Air Force announced, saying the tests were a message to the world about Washington’s nuclear capabilities.

The Minuteman III missile was fitted with a “test re-entry vehicle” instead of a live thermonuclear warhead, and was test-launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base (AFB) in California at 03:36 local time (10:36 GMT), according to the Air Force statement.

But why now?

The destination of that missile might provide some clues.  It’s destination was Guam. Guam?  Are we still at war in the South Pacific?  Well, the U.S. still has bases in Okinawa and on Japanese mainland.  Was the target Japan?  I don’t think so.  Who, then?





Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.  How is this a . . . ?  It’s a huge step and the bank signals to the world the demise of the U.S. dollar hegemony.  And as the U.S. loses its Breton Woods dominance in the dollar around the world, its empire begins to slip out of its hands.  The firing of the ICBM on Monday was a reminder to the Chinese that the U.S. still has its weaponry.  Yes, but that too is becoming a liability in a world that is shifting toward peace and prosperity.  There is less room for a bully in this new market.

And then here you have Lew Rockwell from Lew tell us that the missile was a veiled threat to the Chinese. Unbelievable. The worst crime any country can do to the US is tinker with their hegemony on money since the Breton Wood agreement.


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