Rule #1: Don’t Talk to the Police

On Friday night, May 22, I drove through a sobriety checkpoint in Norwalk on Imperial Blvd. close to Bloomington.  The officer who stepped to my window leaned down so that his head and face occupied the center of my window frame.  His head was slightly above eye level.  He placed both of his hands on my door where the window recesses into the door.  I had the window rolled down before he got to my car.  For myself, I prefer to comply with what they want despite the fact that they are obnoxious busybodies.  He explained that they were conducting a sobriety checkpoint for the holiday.  (I thought, wait, it’s not even Memorial Day yet.  That’s a holiday for travelers mainly.  Why would he assume that everyone is partying on the Friday night before Memorial Day?  Didn’t make sense, but these guys create their own reality to justify their programs.)  What I did’t like were his questions and spooky observations he’d made after asking for and while holding my license.

“Where you headed?”  Home.  I just got off work.

“What do you do for work?”  I drive.

After he’d eyeballed the two bags of groceries sitting on the passenger side, he noted “I see you did some shopping.”

Yeah.  And?

He returned my license and directed me to have a nice evening.

All of this snooping with his head directly in the center of my window.  He was sniffing for marijuana.  Oh, brother.


If you are at all interested in preserving your wealth and your clean driving and arrest record, then you must watch the following videos if you haven’t seen them already.

You have the right to refuse searches. This comes from the 4th Amendment.  “I don’t consent to searches.”  And don’t smoke marijuana in or around your vehicle.  You will be subjected to an inspection.  Keep it out of the car.  It really shouldn’t be there.  If an officer suspects that pot is in your car, they then have probable cause for searching your vehicle.  Use preventable measures.

Here are some words of wisdom from a lawyer:

Some excellent precautions to observe are presented below.

What if the police smell marijuana?

And, of course, how to refuse police searches:

A couple of resources here that can benefit.  I don’t know if these resources will help in your particular situation or help with the legal process, but they amplify our concern.

1.  Will Grigg’s Freedom In Our Time.
2.  Ademo Freeman’s CopBlock.


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