Not WW III Alarms Again

It’s true that concerns about WWIII have been so ubiquitous and recurring that they’ve grown to be meaningless.  And every time that a new set of circumstances or new conflicts arise, people or pundits or newspaper editors love to put the stamp of WWIII on the story to give the conflict more meaning than it deserves.  Having said that, this report by James Colbert who culls a series of stories that point to a pending conflict between Russia, China, and the U.S. does smack of WWIII stuff.

But does a WWIII look anything like a WWII?  Some have argued that WWIII has been with us since the end of WWII with a series of police actions from the Korean War to the Vietnam War to the ongoing wars in the Middle East.  Perhaps instead of looking for global conflicts and putting the stamp of WWIII on them to give the conflict more dramatic meaning in the press we should be asking ourselves “Where is the peace?”

The report from the Telegraph on NATO and Russia launching rival war games was interesting in the negative.


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