School Dropout Earns $4,000 a Month . . . No, Not Selling That . . . .

This appeared at James Altucher’s site.  This is a reminder, a reminder of what we can all do and must do–get creative and produce projects that generate a monthly income.

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Mark Messick

Mark Messick dropped out of school at age 11 and that’s when his real education began.

It wasn’t his choice. He was comfortable in his “normal” life but his family was about to make a few quick, short-term moves and it was easier for him to be home schooled.

The same school curriculum doesn’t work for every child. Every one of them is different.

As soon as Mark dropped out he felt free. He didn’t have to follow the crowd anymore. He could now follow his passion.

He discovered he loved to write.

When he was 13 years old he discovered Amazon would allow him to self publish his first book. He sold six copies and he knew five of the buyers.

Fast forward to today. He’s had nine books available on Amazon, and the reviews are fantastic, but its time to test something new.

Mark’s 16 years old now and an entrepreneur at heart. He just launched his brand new website

Learn how Mark made $4,000 last month from his self-published book sales.

David Newman


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