Robert Higgs: Don’t Be a Martyr

This talk took place two years ago. Since then, at least in the last couple of months, I’d heard that Higgs is moving to Mexico to live and to start a school there. But his comments are telling. He points out at the end that other governments can be just as bad as the U.S. government but the main difference is that those other countries are poorer. When you’re facing a fiendish government, if they’re poorer they cannot do the harm that wealthier governments can.  I like his point.  In fact, I have seen the difference between states here in the U.S.  Some states are larger and have more taxpayers in them, whereas smaller states have fewer residents.  So I do see his points.  But it is this imperial reach with federal dollars being exported to every government where the U.S. has interests that concerns me.  I think of US AID.  Isn’t that about funding police actions to other countries that are poorer but where American interests prevail?  Anyway, good article.  I wonder what answer he’d supply to my reservations or conditions.  Interesting.


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