The Donald

Robert Wenzel made an excellent point regarding the antics of Donald Trump.  He said that “To all too many, Trump makes the other US presidential candidates look like individuals who should be considered as serious thinkers and policy advocates, when they are really all just running to gain control of the largest crime organization ever known to man.”  And he’s right.  Trump, though entertaining, is not a serious candidate.  He knows it. Voters know it.  We’ve seen him do this before in 2014, where he was stumping without even declaring his candidacy.  So we know he’s not serious. But the effect he has on the public’s expectations and imagination is that his silliness makes all of the other crooks running for president appear legit.

Donald Trump and Roy Cohn 47922849.cached
That is Donald Trump on the left, and Roy Cohn on the right.

But I like Donald Trump, not because he would make a good president but his style is straightforward.  And why not?  He’s not challenging anything, and he makes things very uneasy for the GOP.  That I like.  And if the election cycle really is just one more entertainment pageantry, why not?  Why not have someone in the race who really entertains?

Trump’s position on illegal immigration is for political showmanship only. I would not take anything he says on that, or any other issue, seriously.

He’s good at taking down reporters.  Again, entertaining.



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