KCAL 9 Stoking Racist Fires?

This was interesting because the black kid who got punched was harassing the white kid for wearing what he liked.  Confederacy paraphrenalia has occupied an unnecessary position in the news lately ever since that kid shot up the members of a black church in South Carolina.  That kid committed a crime.  How can one point to a flag or belt buckle as the thing that commits a crime.  But it is apparently a given that anyone who loves Southern culture is apparently a racist or at least someone filled with hate.  They are not.

Here Martin Hill reports on how Apple Valley School District in the High Desert refused to ban Confederacy clothing and paraphrenalia.

Apple Valley High School in the Inland Empire area of Southern California has bravely refused to ban Confederate flag clothing, even after a publicized scuffle between students over the matter.

Black student Christopher Williams claimed that another student repeatedly punched him after he asked the white student about a Confederate flag belt buckle.

“Let’s take all this junk away. why keep it going?” Williams mother told the TV news.

14-year old Williams himself parroted the talking points of Rand Paul, Mitt Romney and Al Sharpton, who all claimed that the Confederate flag is a ‘symbl of hatred and racism’ that needs to be banned. “It is not ok. The Confederate flag is a symbol of hatred, period,” Williams opined.

“The district superintendent says they haven’t banned confederate flag clothing because then they’d have to ban a long list of other clothing,” KCAL 9 News reported. “Instead staff can request a student remove certain clothes, on a case by case basis.”

Here is the video from KCAL 9.  The station made sure to make the young black kid look like the victim.  Though it is telling that the video shows that he received only one punch and was not hit repeatedly as the News Station reported.

Comments on Youtube by apparent witnesses, however, reveal another side to the story.

Eddie Knight 1 day ago:
“That’s a bunch of crap!! Show the entire video of the white kid telling him to leave me alone and walking away from him for 3-4 minutes. The black kid kept following him and badgering him and putting his hands up in the white kids face pointing at him. If he would have mind his own business and realize that we all have the freedom to wear what we like this would never had happened… When someone tells you to leave them alone and walks away, LEAVE THEM ALONE!! The white kid wasn’t even wearing the belt at this time, he had it on the day before. He instigated a fight and got beat up so now it’s a racist thing….”

Jonathan Ferguson 1 day ago
“What a bogus story. He was punched ONCE. Then he decided to participate in a fight with the guy who punched him & so they had a fight.”

Greenspot Construction 2 days ago
“This whole video is bs. cbs is twisting the story. The 14 year old was harassing the other kid, who is well mannered and respectful, who happens to own a belt buckle that he was not even wearing. The bigger one asked him to leave him alone and walked away twice. After that i would consider it self defense from harassment in my book. the 14 year old is the racist one. his random accusations of some random white kid has nothing to do with history. I bet both of there families came to America in the late 1800s or early 1900s. you need to correct your story kcal!”

Eddie Knight 1 day ago
“the full video was on Facebook but has been removed by Facebook.”


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