Ex-Marine Tells the Truth on U.S. Foreign Policy

This is one of the best commentaries I’ve heard in recent months or even years that condemns American foreign policy. Ken O’Keefe is courageous. To paraphrase, he opens with:

How is it possible that anybody with any kind of sanity would consider the United States, Britain, or the west in general to be in any kind of position to be punishing anyone for any illegalities. If we take a look at Iraq, there is at least one million, probably even close to two million, dead. We invaded that country, destroyed it, created millions of orphans, millions of refugees, and never even so much as even apologized for that. Let’s go back to Vietnam where we dropped 20 million bombs, more than all of WWII combined. We have destroyed so many countries. We have tortured and killed and maimed around this planet. Who in their right mind would consider the U.S. or the west in general, to be in any position to punish anybody? Never mind the obvious facts that this is a false-flag attack, in a long list of false-flag attacks. Ah, let’s get into that, please.

A worthwhile interview.  Be sure to check out his website in that link on his name. Here is his YouTube channel and his Facebook page.


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