Cuban Cabbies Earn More Than Cuban Doctors

But anyone the world over can take a lesson from this message.  And that point is just this–that the college degree you spent four years of your life getting and the countless dollars spent in the acquistion of that goal do not and never did guarantee you income from graduation into old age.  It never did.  It never could.  You may have only learned this in retrospect. The lesson is this: count the cost.  Going to college, with the exception of obtaining an engineering degree, could be the biggest waste of your time and money that you and your loved ones encourage you to pursue.  You don’t know any better.  You didn’t count the cost and neither did your parents.  Who knew what the costs would be?  There are enough specialized and dedicated schools online and trade schools that point you in the way toward your college goals.

Remember, you’ve got to eat, keep a roof over your head, have transportation and always, always be pursuing new skills to keep you economically viable in an ever-changing, technology-driven  workplace.


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