“. . . political leaders have squandered the blood and treasure of the human race.”

This is an excellent message for kids deciding on a career choice.  This video presentation is a reading from Thomas Sowell’s book, Compassion Versus Guilt and Other Essays, 1993.

Here are some of the points covered in this excellent presentation:

Public service does NOT serve the common good.  Public service means becoming a bureaucrat rather than going into business.  Why it is nobler to seek power over others than being a producing part of the economy is never really explained.  Social scientist tell the students over 4 years how bad the economy is get the idea to fix things by way of government bureaucracy.

a great civilization requires a staggering range of knoweldge, skills, and insights that no individual can master outside the narrow range of his own specialty.

Some graduate students want to go out and apply the theories they learned from their professors, god help us all.

Insulated lives on university campuses are often followed by insulated lives on government payroll.  Neither has to meet the test of performance.  Both deal in words that need only sound plausible to the right people.

People who have vast amounts of real-world experience are unlikely to be on the staffs of a congressmen.  Those with bias advising those with the same bias.  Aggravating a condition called staff infection.  See beyond the glitter and fads of words.

Much of history is the story of how political leaders have squandered the blood and treasure of the human race.

From LibertyPenBlog.blogspot.com via Robert Wenzel at EconomicPolicyJournal


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