“They want the necessities of life to be supplied as rights . . . .”

Another great video presentation by the gentleman at LibertyPen. Again from Thomas Sowell, this time titled “Human Livestock.” It comes from his book, The Thomas Sowell Reader, 2011.  It’s what the anointed government betters turn people into.  What follows are my notes on the presentation . . . .

Overcoming adversity is one of our great desires and great sources of pride.  But it is something that our anointed deep thinkers strive to eliminate from our lives from everything from grade inflation to the welfare state.  The anointed want to eliminate stress, challenge, and competition.  They want the necessities of life to be supplied as rights, which is to say that at te tax payers expense without anyone to work for those necessities except for the taxpayers.  Nothing is to be earned.  Self esteem is to be dispensed to school children as largess from the school teacher.  Adults are to have their medical care and other necessities as largess from the government.  People are to be mixed and matched by race and sex and by whatever else the anointed want to take into account in order to present whatever kind of picture the anointed think should be presented.  This is a vision of human beings as livestock—to be fed by the government and herded and tended by the anointed.  All the things that make us human beings are to removed from our lives and we are to live as denatured creates controlled and direcrted by our betters.  Those things that help people be independent and self reliant whether automobiles, guns, the free market or vouchers, provoke instant hostility from the anointed. Cars enable to come and go as you wish.

Free market is a daily assualt on the anointed.

The welfare state is not really about the welfare of the masses; it is about the egos of the elites.  One of the most dangerous things about the welfare state is that it breaks the connection between what people have produced and what they consume.  For society as a whole, that connection remains as fixed as ever.  The welfare state makes it possible for individual to think of money or goods as just arbitrary dispensations.  Thus, those who have less can feel a grievance against society and are less inhibited about stealing or vandalizing, and the very concept of gratitude or obligation disappears.  Even obligations of common decency out of respect for other people.


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