Why Settle for Equality?


Bill Cosby is not being attacked because of purportedly unspeakable acts against women, which is always how the media reports it.  These women are not innocents or mere babes in the woods plying their trade for a nice evening with a very successful, very popular entertainer.  My guess is that they’re power hungry.  And if not, then they are stupid.  These women are not 9-year old victims.  They are consenting adults.  Cosby did not drug these women, put them in the trunk of his car at 1am, drive them home, and have his way with them.  If, in fact, these women went out with him at all it is because they at some point in the chain of events said “Yes.”  Yes to an invitation of “Would you like to have a drink at my place?”  Yes to an invitation of “Would you like to have dinner?”  Yes to an invitation of “Care to join me for a cup of coffee?”  They said yes. So what you’ve got are two consenting adults.

But the Progressive-controlled media tells the story of Cosby as predator.  The headlines are criminal.  “Cosby Said He Got Drugs to Give to Women for Sex,” says the Associated Press.  “In 2005, Cosby Admitted Seeking Drugs to Give Women,” says the Washington Post.  “Report: Bill Cosby Admitted to Getting Drugs to Give to Women for Sex,” says Newsweek.  And, of course, these headlines never come with a flattering picture of Cosby; instead, he’s portrayed as guilty, like the one in that previous link where he appears dejected and consumed with trouble.


So in the public’s eye, the media has served the Progressive state by charging, trying, convicting, and sentencing Cosby.  But why?  Why go through the trouble of pinning sexual assault charges to a man, a highly successful man and entertainer who clearly has, at 78 years old, a thriving career in show business?

It’s because Cosby uttered the unmentionable.  And to the Progressive powers that be, that is an unforgivable transgression that strikes at the heart of their 200-year old movement. You see Cosby insulted the Progressive narrative that says that the government will take care of you–of all aspects of a person’s life from cradle to grave.  To receive the blessings of the State, one must declare their undying faith to the state and its values, equality being one of its top-tiered commandments.  How incredibly pathetic.  So if someone is born into poverty, don’t worry, Progressives are here to right that wrong and make you whole by making you equal.  Cosby renounces this egalitarian principle as surrendering our individual, our unique greatness.  It’s a renunciation of the individual.  It’s a complete and utter rejection of self-reliance, Emerson’s or otherwise.  It’s a silencing of the Horatio Algiers story of picking yourself up by your boot straps and making good.  This is why Progressives went ballistic, not because Cosby had sex with anybody.  If sex were the issue, I am sure they could corral a few members of the political class–Weiner, Spitzer, Cruz to name just a few on the insignificant short list.

In the video above, Cosby gives example after example of great black athletes.  You can find examples of greatness in all fields, but those to whom he refers are well-known examples.  Whereas Progressives have cursed and tried to sentence youth to a lifetime of guilt and poverty and victimhood with ideological phrases like “Oh, the world is so unfair” and “Oh, oh, we’re not equal.” Cosby comes along and asks “Why settle for equality?”  He speaks directly and explicitly to the black community reminding them of their individual achievements and greatness and to not lower their standards by aspiring to equality and to stop complainig about inequality.  And gives examples to prove his points. Did tennis star, Althea Gibson, complain about equality or did she go out, practice every day and kick ass?  Cosby presents Marian Anderson, who, according to Wikipedia, was “one of the most celebrated singers of the twentieth century.”  What about St. Louis great, Bob Gibson? What about the great boxer, Joe Louis? Did these men sit around and whine or did they set goals, and grind out success based on a very productive daily schedule? They had productive habits, not self-destructive ones that served some political movement or civil rights block. They decided they would make something of themselves and be anything but equal. These men knew the odds. Muhammad Ali, he knew. Did he fall into the apathetic narrative of unfairness and inequality? Martin Luther King, Jr. is not the only black light. Even in prison, Malcolm X proved himself totally unequal, developing unmatched debate skills that no seasoned newsman or reporter could conquer.

For Progressives, Martin Luther King, Jr. is their priest when it comes to the race card.  He is their secular saint who addresses inequality with speeches about a dream of equality.  In fact, only the narrative about blacks that Progressives allow is the one about the misfortunes, evils, degradation of inequality and necessary reparations to redress it.  The Civil Rights Bill of 1964 that extended FDR’s New Deal is the bedrock of Progressive treatment toward blacks.  It’s the only history we are to learn about black history in tax-funded, schools.  We’re told about Martin Luther King, Jr. and his August 28, 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech, the sanitation strike, and his assassination on April 4, 1968 at the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee.  I think that King was an amazing speaker.  And I liked him for his sacrifices on using peaceful protest.  I think that he was trying to elevate black man’s status in a predominately white society; he was not trying to level things. That would be too close to getting revenge.  Equality is not the answer.  Giving speeches about equality made him a salesman for the Progressives in the Kennedy/Johnson administration. And who would ensure or enforce this equality?  Was it the individual? Was it the Black Panthers?  The Nation of Islam? Hardly.  Government secured for itself the sole purveyor of equality, setting its definitions, its standards, and approach to the detriment of all others.  Equality is the tragedy of the commons.  And later in his life King critically reviewed the government’s imposition of equality and began pointing to economics, innovation, and business as a way out of poverty instead of relying on government programs. Regrettably, the public-school crowd treats King, Jr. as a minor god.  Some going so far as to traveling to Memphis and making the Lorraine Hotel a shrine on their pilgrimage toward an egalitarian promised land.

Ali was not only a boxer at the top of his field [he was WORLD champ a few times], he was an entertainer, and an unofficial but recognized ambassador of good will and peace around the world. Not on behalf of America, but despite America. Did he aspire to equality? God, I hope not. So because Cosby spoke directly and explicitly to the apathy and loss of greatness in the Black community brought on by a very dreary and boring, old narrative that brainwashes young kids to believe in their own misery, a misery manufactured by a political narrative, he is now enemy #1 of progressive piety. Because Cosby spoke up and contradicted the official narrative, Progressives have let loose the dogs of war on him. Women coming out of the woodwork, charging him with every sort of horrible crime as if they are 5-year old children coached by salivating lawyers waiting their turn at a quarter million plea bargain against Cosby. They’re victims alright of their own greed, stupidity, and failures. Why now? Why 10 years later are some of these women making charges against Cosby? Oh, Cosby is guilty alright. Not because he committed any inappropriate act between two consenting adults but because he spoke the truth to the black community to stop lowering their standards and the Progressives went ballistic.

And Bill Cosby will endure the charges, the bitter limelight. It’s clear, too, that the media attack Bill Cosby to deflect away from Bill Clinton‘s indiscretions. I don’t like any of this traipsing out people’s past. I find it distasteful even when it is done with politicians. I just don’t like it.

UPDATE, 1/10/2016:  I may have underestimated Bill Cosby’s proclivities.  If he’s hanging out with the Clintons, that can’t be good.  I hate to indict someone by association but in this case it seems hard to ignore.  Again, I don’t know what Cosby has done.  Still not convinced that he’s guilty as charged.  I do know that Hilary threatened the women who threatened to bring down her husband. Don’t know if Cosby has the same kind of female force in his life.


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