Don’t Give Your Information to Strangers

That includes acquaintances.  No one cherishes your personal information more than you do.  No one is going to treat it with the love and respect that you do, so don’t give it away so easily even if you’re in a setting sponsored by friends.  If you don’t know someone, you have no reason to be trusting them.  You can give a business card or a website, maybe a brochure, and that should be fine.  This is a good lesson.  These folks are too trusting.  They do not own themselves and their property.  Your personal information is your property. Don’t give it away.  Own it.  Protect it.  I don’t always like Mark Dice’s games he plays on unsuspecting people.  People don’t always know the price of a single, one-ounce gold coin.  He laughs at them behind their backs.  Fine.  It’s all in good fun and to make a point.  When it comes to your personal information be very, very suspicious.  Do yourself a good turn and protect yourself from people trying to get the drop on you or some kind of advantage over you.  All you need to say is “I don’t want to talk right now, thank you.”


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