Streetbeefs: A Real-Life Fight Club

Chris Wilmore was devastated after his close friend was shot to death on Christmas Eve in 2013, in a dispute over a woman.

Mr. Wilmore, known in his Harrisonburg, Va., neighborhood as Scarface, has his own history with weapons and crime, but he began thinking of ways to squash the gun violence plaguing his community.

He started actively recruiting people with “beefs” to put on boxing gloves and take their arguments off the streets and into his backyard fight club, where he films the action and a referee calls a winner.

In my opinion, the two guys fighting over $1,000 is not worth the time or the effort. Yes, they’re young and the wounds from a fight won’t be lifelong.  They’ll recover.  But why waste the money, time, and reputation on fighting when they’re going to use the lesson from the original dispute to do things differently later on?  Makes no sense. From a theatrical event, yeah, it was entertaining to watch, but from a practical viewpoint it’s a waste of time and reputation.  Do you really want other people in the neighborhood to know that you’re okay with settling disputes with fists?  You just lost a whole bunch a business.

via Jason Kottke


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