Gotta Love the Free Markets

You have to love the free markets.  Markets in everything.  Before you had to hire a special assistant or attendant to drive your car to the gas station and fill her up.  Now the gas comes directly to you.  You schedule a time, meet the truck out at your car, probably without even having to move your car from a parked stall.


Though it’s not Uber, it certainly is Uber, the concierge service, in everything.  “The company partners with large businesses and then offers on-demand fuel service on their corporate campuses.” That’s concierge service.

It’s already catching on in California:

In California, Booster started working with the textbook service Chegg a few months ago. Booster tells me that 65 percent of Chegg employees already regularly use Booster Fuel. On its busiest day, Booster filled up 100 cars at Chegg.

How much you ask?

Booster says its prices are competitive with those of local gas stations and often lower because it purchases its fuel wholesale. The company offers both Regular Unleaded and Premium Unleaded gas and says its drivers are all commercial drivers who undergo background checks and “love cars and take pride in service done right every time.”


Cited from Tech Crunch


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