“5 Lessons from a 17-Year Old Who Earns $30,000 a Month”

h/t Robert Wenzel “5 Lessons from a 17-Year Old Who Earns $30,000 a Month” at EconomicPolicyJournal

This interview with Temper Thompson was presented by Joel Comm, podcaster and author.  17-year old Thompson helps people market their Kindle publishing.

1) Take action. He learned this philosophy from trial and error and probably being around successful or upbeat folks.
2) Don’t be afraid of failure. You learn from it and make yourself better.
3)  Stay focused.  Don’t chase all the shiny objects around you.  Stay on the one thing, grow that one thing, and good things will come.  His parents didn’t give him any money to start, but my guess as entrepreneurs that they helped him with ideas.
4)  Surround yourself with positive people.  If you’re around negative people, they’re going to bring you down.  If you’re around successful, positive people you will learn how to handle failure and frustration.
5)  Don’t get comfortable.  Some people hit their original goal and don’t strive for more or for the next level.  Every time you reach a goal, set a new goal.

Let’s take a look at what he earns and how he earns it.

First, he sets goals. His goals this year? To make $100,000 a month. Quite a goal. When he first started, his goal was $100 a month.  After tweaking a couple of things, he reached his goal, then raised his next goal to a $1,000 a month.

How did he start?  He said he didn’t invest any money.  He just reinvested his earnings.  His dad owns a coffee shop and a bar.  Different kinds of entrepreneurs.  They own a lifestyle business, whereas his is a publishing business.  He prefers to start his own business than to get a job.


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