“Today, 57% of college graduates are women.”

from Dr. Gary North on Feminism and Higher Education

One of the big problems that we have in society today is that getting good jobs requires many years in higher education. Everybody spends years getting formal degrees that do not in fact train them to do anything marketable. They have to earn degrees because employers are using educational degrees as a means of screening the applicants for jobs. If employers say that these jobs require an advanced degree, and if they hire only people with advanced degrees, they escape the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission. The EEOC cannot get minorities educated. The minorities don’t stay in school. They don’t earn advanced college degrees. This means that companies can escape the regulatory apparatus of the EEOC by simply making a rule that a particular position requires an MBA or other advanced degree. It is a means of screening. It works.

If a young woman at the age of 18 went right into a dynamic business, and she earned her B.A. degree by distance learning, by the time she earned her degree, she would have at least four years of business experience. She can then earn an MBA in another 18 months online, probably for under $10,000. Now she would be an MBA with six years of experience. She would not be in debt. She would also be under 25 years old. She would still be eligible to get married.

At this point, she starts an online business. Maybe she does this by the time she is a senior in college or even a senior in high school. She prepares for the future. She finds a way to earn a good living through her own business, and she learns this by being an apprentice for a successful businessman. She gets paid to learn how to run a business, and she earns whatever degrees she needs for a few thousand dollars and 20 extra hours a week studying for exams. It’s hard work, but success requires hard work.

Instead, young women today spend five years earning a college degree, and then they spend another two years earning an MBA. This costs their parents $50,000 or more to get the B.A., and then the young women go into debt to get the MBA. They wind up in debt, 25 years old, with no business experience. Now they have to spend at least five years getting the business experience. Then they will be 30 years old.


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