“Everyone has a college degree . . . yet immigrants come with the skills.”

College degrees

Interesting explanation as to why college is so expensive. I do not know how students do it today. Peter is right when he says that the kids don’t know any better. In high school, they’re not living in the real world. So many of their decisions are made for them by the teacher, by the administration, by district policy, and so on. And the only direction that these schools point to is college without ever reviewing with the kids the cost. These adult college counselors have probably never heard of the CLEP Exam or how to get a college degree on the cheap.

Anyway, take a listen, and when you’re done check out Dr. Gary North’s tips on how to get a college degree for under $11,000.

Colleges don’t compete on price, but on who has the best football teams or the nicest restaurant.  I noticed how dramatic the structural changes were at CSULA with all of the new restaurants catered to 18-year olds.  Kids party for four or five years.  Problem is that everyone has a college degree.  What’s it worth?  Gary North and others might say that a degree gets your foot in the door.  It’s a badge of membership and that’s it.  No one is going to pay you for your Master’s degree or PhD.  Kids could have been in the work force learning skills.  All the workers today with skills are immigrants.  Immigrants show up here with skills, while America’s kids flounder directionless in the schools.

It sounds great for politicians who say they care about education.  They’re fond of saying “I want education to be a priority” and everyone votes for him or her.  So now all students vote for those politicians who make promises about paying for their education.  The irony is that it’s government involvement and subsidization that makes college so expensive.  Students look at these expensive degrees and realize they can’t afford them.  Politicians hear their cry and come on the scene to say “I’ll give you aid and I’ll give you a loan,” and so the kids vote for promises that only trap them at the beginning of their adult lives.  The California Dream Act comes to mind.  Schiff offers the analogy of the government breaking your leg, then asks the citizen to vote for some politician, and he’ll give that citizen a crutch.

Here is Gary North on Super Cheap Accredited Colleges for $11 a Day:

There are alternatives to a college education.

They will also have the pleasure of doing something that is utterly unique and will ultimately be considered cool or fascinating in their social group.

A) Make a YouTube video (or channel) that has five million real views.
B ) Get past the second series of Ashtanga Yoga. (at least part of this has to occur in India).
C) Make a business that has over $50,000 in revenues in the 12th month.
D) Write a book (or set of books) that has more than 5000 paying readers
E) Create a blog that has over 100,000 unique monthly readers. Note: you don’t have to be the only writer on that blog.
F) Take 50 or more courses on Coursera. With me.
G) Intern with someone who is among the best in the world at what they do.
H) Organize at least 20 meetups of twenty people or more around a specific topic.
I) Run for political office and get at least 30% of the vote in a primary.
J) Have 50 people write to me explaining, in detail, how you saved their lives.

All of these are such massive achievements that you should no longer see the need to go to college to achieve something great in life. All of these will solve the problem of “how do I socialize with people?”

And if you’re still in pursuit of the Master’s degree or PhD, check this out.  It can be done for under $15,000.

Count this cost of college very carefully.


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