Must-Listen: Mom of 7 Becomes Successful Online Entrepreneur

This show will delight you and inspire you.  Seriously.  Tom Woods interviews Sara Young, mother of seven children, started selling baby strollers because that is what she knew and what she tested raising her babies. The story is a must-listen. It will inspire you. It inspired me! I am starting an affiliate campaign.  She is now a highly sought-after marketer. This is an affiliate site. When someone clicks to order the Ron Paul Curriculum, Tom earns a small affiliate fee. It’s that easy. Check it out. Woods says he wrote most of the copy for that site.

Three methods to get people to the site–mentions site on his podcast, on his newsletter, building an email list,

Two paid for driving traffic to his curriculum sites methods:  One, Google Ad Words, he bids on certain terms that people might be searching for–Ron Paul Homeschool, Ron Paul Curriculum, etc.

Facebook Advertising from Chris Records, Dark Post Profits.

Sara discovered affiliate marketing using special links to Amazon and she’d earn a commission.  This was 2005.  People don’t go directly to Amazon when they have a question about a product.  They usually go to Google and Google a question about it.  What you want is someone to pull up your site, where they can read a review or a promotion and then find an Amazon link to the product under review.  That way you, the owner of the website, earn a commission.  People don’t go to Amazon to find out questions about their product, they go to Google.

Things are different today than they were back in the late ’90s.  Back then sites didn’t need as much.  Today, people need good quality information.  Answer all the questions you can about that product.  Today’s sites have better content on them.  She started off on Amazon, then moved onto other sites with larger commissions.  Other stores?  Where?  What stores pay higher commissions than Amazon?  If she’s selling a lot of strollers she can ask for a higher commission from that store.   If the commission is lower, you can still earn a good income.  Second, the amount of strollers being sold everyday is incredible.  The volume of sales is incredible.  Next, she wanted to sell information.  I will closer at her site.  She decided she would teach people online.  She had a list of parents, so she started teaching people how to do what she does online.  She has a special place in her heart for those physical products.  She was able to support her family; in fact, her husband is now working with her.

What areas is she in these days?  Parenting.  She loves anything to do with parenting.  Difference between sites today and 15 years ago is that your site can be more general and then add all of the subtopics to that main topic.  This is an important difference that she’s noticed.  Her husband does languages.  She acknowledges that there are scams out there.  Still new to most people.  How to check if something is a scam or not.  Check what is really involved.  Their sales page will promise the world, but not mention a word on what they’re teaching.  That’s a red flag.  If they explain what you’ll be doing and it makes sense, that can work.  Look around online for testimonials.  Google someone’s name and find the feedback you get.  If it’s good, then there’s a chance that it’s a good thing.  A lot of people are earning their living online.  If there’s a money-back guarantee, then that is a good sign.  Credit card companies and PayPal will not work with scammers.  Today it’s very hard to scam people.  Today you just can’t last if you’re a scammer.

Just while Tom Woods was talking, he earned a “nice, healthy” commission.  Bills tend to focus the mind.  How do you pinpoint a product that earns enough, somewhat interesting, but not so well-known that everyone is doing it?

Quickly, check for three things:

  1. Popular enough.  Check that at Amazon reviews or use Google tool that you can use.  What tool is that?  Google has a tool that promotes that product.  It’ll show how many people bought that product.
  2. How much does it cost?  Commissions need to be enough.
  3. To get traffic to your site, free visitors to your site.  What sites are ranking related to your product?  What special tool to get to the front page of Google.  Key word search is what she’s talking about.



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