“[Women] control 86% of all personal wealth.”

Feminism.  What can a man say about such a philosophy?  And I am not a hundred percent sure why women espouse the theory.  Women have been having babies forever but now they have a philosophy that gives voice to the grievances against their husbands or mates for . . . what exactly . . . for not providing them with enough help in the home?  Is that it?

Maybe feminism is not anti-man per se but really anti-businessman?  Is that it?  Businessmen making so much money yet they are so stingy with their wealth? They should give poor working-class men and women their fare and deserving share?  Is that it?  Or does it have to do with fair representation in government largess?  Is that it?  Clearly with all of these questions it goes without saying that women, by virtue of their gender alone, deserve more.  After all, growing up and living under unbearable patriarchs women of all peoples from around the world are the true victims of male patriarchy, right?

Here I introduce a differing, some might say a conflicting, view.  I’d never articulated my suspicions about feminism because of the ever present, ominous threats from the collective of being called a misogynist or callous or chauvinist or worse.

The history of the feminist movement was presented as an answer to modern day inequality and injustice.

On inequality, watch this.

Problem is that feminists dig in their intellectual heels without ever calculating the costs of their position.  They adopt a financial narrative of a child that is the equivalent of having one’s cake and eating too.  I wish that more people could grasp the the very first law of economics–which is scarcity. Everyone’s needs are not met.  We can’t all drive Maseratis for example or Mercedes Benz either.  Now this doesn’t mean that the world isn’t economically better off. It IS better off, a lot better off. Fewer and fewer people live in poverty.  Poverty today is not poverty, say, of the 1960s.  Hear what Thomas Sowell has to say on poverty.  He calls it the squalor of behavior.  That kind of gets to the heart of it, doesn’t it?

Was feminism meant to fight poverty?  Who knows.  Certainly we know that it has morphed into an emasculating agenda.  And whether it is direct or indirect, it is absolutely anti-male.

It is anti-men, not for any specific grievance or crime against women but merely for being a man. Men are that “other”; we are apparently not woman.  But that wasn’t enough. With that anti-male posture feminism didn’t have the Marxist/Leninist bite needed to coerce funding from one group of property owners and redistribute it to their very own pressure group.  Feminists needed a war–the War on Women to take a fiction and get the unsuspecting to cower in fear . . . of women.

Turns out men are not monsters.  Turns out that women just enjoy that part of the tale that says that men are insidious, creepy, immoral beasts.  Read on . . . .

by Robert Sheaffer at Debunker.com

The feminist movement as we have come to know it in recent decades is fundamentally a “con.” It is as filled with falsehood, inaccuracy, and foolishness as astrology or parapsychology. As it is considered treasonous to criticize a sister feminist, no standards of accuracy or honesty are ever enforced. Hyperbole and deceit thus become the formula for success, “peer review” playing no role in reining in misinformation. Any would-be feminist who raises scholarly objections to the rampant misinformation (Christina Hoff Sommers, Camille Paglia, Wendy McElroy, Elaine Showalter, Erin Pizzey, Elizabeth Loftus, etc.) is branded an ‘enemy of women’ and is drummed out of the movement.

Various feminists proclaim that women are ‘under siege’, that a monstrous social bias against them, if not a virtual war, is going on, that women have little respect or power (Steinem, Faludi, Tavris, etc.) Yet the notion of the American woman as a powerless “victim” is one of the most absurd notions ever foisted upon anyone. American women live, on average, seven years longer than men. They control 86 % of all personal wealth [PARADE Magazine, May 27, 1990], and make up 55% of current college graduates. Women cast 54% of the votes in Presidential elections, so they can hardly claim to be left out of the political decision-making process! They win almost automatically in child custody disputes. Women suffer only 6% of the work-related fatalities (the other 94% are suffered by men). Women are the victim of only about 35% of violent crimes, and only about 25% of all murders, yet because of our society’s exaggerated concern and respect for them, special legislation has been passed to punish “violence against women” as if it were a more heinous crime than “violence against men”. (Feminists claim to want “equality,” and this is an example of what “equality” means to them, i.e., preferential treatment to address their concerns). Two out of every three dollars spent on health care is spent on women, and even if you don’t count pregnancy-related care, women still receive more medical care than men – yet feminists still holler that women’s health is being “neglected”, and far too many of us credulously believe them. Of the 25 worst jobs, as ranked by the Jobs Related Almanac based on a combination of salary, stress, security, and physical demands, 24 of them are predominantly, if not almost entirely, male, which might explain why men commit over 80% of all suicides. (Most of these statistics come from The Myth of Male Power by Warren Farrell.)

Now, if it were really the case, as feminists claim, that men have selfishly arranged everything to be wonderful for themselves, absolutely ignoring women’s legitimate concerns and needs, would the above be true? Of course not. It is much more realistic to suggest that women have cleverly seized the upper hand by pretending to be helplessly trapped below! Looking at the full picture, and not the tiny, distorted one that feminists and those they have duped present, we see a very different picture: The American woman emerges as perhaps the most privileged large group in history, enjoying a never-before- seen level of affluence, power, leisure, and health, supported by the work, discipline, and self-effacing, life-destroying exertions of a group they have bamboozled – their men – into believing their cries of “victimization”. The links below will help you to start finding your way out of the familiar maze of feminist lies.

Be sure to read Sheaffer’s “Feminism, the Noble Lie.”


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