“Every Master Was Once a Disaster”

If I reach for the stars, I’ll at least hit the moon.

This is such a great podcast.  Tom Wood’s podcasts will be my daily news from now on.  The guests he gets are leaders in their specific fields.  It’s nice to be plugged into these.

Long story even longer, you want a real education?  Then learn and do a business.  First, listen to this:

Here are my show notes:

Borrowed $2000 from his visa card.  Every master was once a disaster.  I thought I was doing everything right, and that is the problem.  We think we’re doing the right things.  I was going to all the seminars, listening to all the tapes, reading all the books, but it wasn’t working.  It wasn’t until he put everything into play.

What entrepreneurial attempt did he learn the most from.  He’d start a small business.  Many, many of them.  jack of all trades.  Selling hats with animal characters on them.

Shipment of pen watches.  Digital watch with a pen in it.  then he did a T-shirt line. In 4 months the whole thing crashed.  The more the merrier.  If he had additional gigs, including a backstop that he’d win.

Focus wins.

Hard enough to be highly successful in one thing, let alone 2 or 3 things.

If you want to be a pauper, then, yes, listen to the government.

I create my life.  My success.  And my failures.  Own these.  Learn from them.  Adjust to a wealthier mindset.  Why would you want to be weakling and be at the mercy of government assistance or anyone or everyone else?

How are you helping the poor by staying broke?

New York Times called him a “Financial evangelist” from the NYT.

I believe in getting rich.  I believe it’s a lot better to be rich than being poor.

Contribution.  If you have the wherewithal to get rich, so that you can help those who don’t have that wherewithal.

Other countries it is a million times harder to get rich in a tiny village in Africa.

He never had a rich person grab him and threaten him that he’s going to be broke.  Rich people are the nicest people he’s ever met.

You can learn your way to anything.

I like to keep things simple.

  1. Learn.
  2. Do.  Like you learned.

It is that simple to be successful.  When someone says that they’re

Argue for your limitations.

We’re talking about financial success.

Immigrants—asians, Indians, who’s in all the 7-11’s and drivethroughs?  They come with nothing.  And they work their ass off.

He started everyone of his businesses with zero.  Even if you have the money, start with nothing.  Money is a bad way to cover up problems.  Start small and start organically.  Start with very little money.  Test with very little money.

80% of business fail.  80% of people don’t know what they’re doing.

Learn this: 67% of businesses started by those in that business and start a new niche, succeed.

Learn first.  Go to business in that field.

Work for 2 companies in that capacity.  Start a niche not being covered.  They were asking for it, but I am going to provide that service.  Don’t copy others.

Stop earning a living and start creating wealth.

Systemize that value so it can be delivered without you being there.  the business needs to work without you and work instead of you.

Got to systemize the way that the value is delivered.  Then you can work on your business.  Duplicate on unlimited amount.  That creates wealth.

  1. Free webinar.  They’ll learn his real experience.  He was really broke for 10 long years.
  2. What was the biggest difference between that time when you thought you were doing right and your new found wealthy condition.  7 principles that he put into format.
  3. If you want to get rich, then follow his 7 principles.  What he did when he was broke and what he does now to make a difference.  If you shoot for the stars, you’ll at least hit the moon.
  4. 20/30/50 net worth?



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