“Winners Give Up All the Time”

Maybe the Manifest Destiny model for your own career of never giving up is not the best advice to apply to every situation. Maybe. Just maybe.  Very few career decisions that you can’t recover from.  That’s an excellent point.

This is an excellent podcast on how to find the work that suits you. “Following your passion” is not the best message to follow. Perhaps follow a skill or follow a passion that is most integrated with your skills. When people say “add value,” what they mean is help people get ahead. Be useful.

Also, give the Tom Woods’s interview of Chris Guillabeau a listen.

Joy, Money, Flow . . . three ingredients to a successful career.

Here are my show notes from the Tom Woods’ Interview:

What are soft skills?  Producer of success—negotiate, communicate, follow-up on tasks.  You don’t learn this in school.  You learn it on your own. 

Start a blog on your blog.  You’re on top of conference papers, newsletter, news in the field, you’re perceived as the guy who’s indispensable.  You become the gatekeeper, developments in the company, interview people in the company.  Higher ups love to have their picture taken, love to be quoted.  Lots of opportunities to position yourself, lots of low-cost start-up opportunities.  Time of turmoil and job security.  Normal to

Freelancer and consultant. 

Design T shirts selling through facebook ads.  Experiment.  It’ll increase your confidence.  Small amount of money from a different or traditional employment.

Tolerance for risk will increase.  Most risk is perceived and not real. 

Conservative risk averse choice.  What’s risky?  What’s safe?

Being busy is the social currency these days.  Being busy can be a benefit.  I’ve got 3 hours that I am going to use to build my project.

Starting a high ticket offer.  Try it out with crowd sourcing.  Testing through crowd sourcing. 

Hard skills—technical skills, programming, work skills.

Choose a niche and be hyper focused.  No one is interested in your whole life.

Chapter title, “Winners Give Up All the Time”

Persistence is the most predictor of success is just not true.  you can be doing something that doesn’t work.  try again but try again in a different way.  It doesn’t even have to be a disaster.  How to know when to give up and when do I stop?  Do I enjoy it?  Is it working?  If it’s not working out, you do keep trying in a different way.  Can I find a way to leave on good terms if it’s a job. 

On publishing, motivations and rewarded, he’s rewarded by community building.  They’re awesome people.  He sees business value in travelling and touring on his book and tries to serve his community. 


Offer something of value . . .

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