“Racism is the quest for the unearned.”

As Donald Trump stirs racial animosity, appearing to privilege white Americans, understand what it is that he’s riling people to and against.  Hating one group does not elevate your own status or privilege.  And the great accomplishments of people from the past to whom you’re not related socially or through DNA in no way privileges you or your own accomplishments.  Hence, as Ayn Rand states, “Racism is the quest for the unearned.”  But there are other contexts to racism in America.

Decades of multiculturalism have forced white Americans’ faces and Anglo-Saxon or European culture into the ground, and it has been a source of mild vexation.  Facts do not always speak for themselves, but if you look around, if you look hard enough it is hard to deny the valuable contribution of European Christian culture.  And maybe that is the distinction–Christian culture.  It’s not perfect, but it has had an impact on law, moral values, and traditions.  I don’t really like human sacrifice of the Aztecs to whom a few Latin American cultures derive distinction.  So for this reason, I understand the appeal to white pride.  But white pride is too large of context–it’s too general that it loses meaning except for those who see themselves in terms of their skin color over their national or geographical origins.  And relying on “white pride” or “black pride” or “brown pride” or “yellow pride” is certainly too large of a collection to have much meaning let alone one in which to frame cultural accomplishments.  Note that white pride omits nations and regions; it implies them but deliberately ignores them.  It’s not Irish pride or German pride or pride of the British people but it is white pride.  Likewise, it’s not “Mexican pride” or ” Colombian pride” or “Ghana pride” or “Malaysian pride” but it is “brown pride” or “black pride” or “yellow pride,” which delivers very little on distinction or uniqueness.  Not sure that putting one’s value on the collective accomplishments of the past restores the group or the individual.  It doesn’t.  Social Justice Warriors do however believe it does, and unfortunately, have been steering the national dialogue away from production, away from accomplishment, and onto justice and fairness, using the irreparable epochs that are time-locked.  There is good historical revisionism and there is bad revisionism.  The Left and their Social Justice Warriors, having abandoned the anti-war movement have turned their jaundiced eye  on important historical figures, like Columbus, or patriots like Jefferson, etc.  Now we have Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, replacing Andrew Jackson, the only president to have fought and won against the central bankers.  Social Justice Warriors do enjoy souring on any accomplishment that is American or that belongs to whites.


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