Borderless Society: An Act of War or Workers’ Paradise?

The Sierra Club was given hush money, a hundred million dollars of hush money–to keep quiet about mass migration as the root cause of US population growth.

Caption to the above video reads . . .

Former Colorado Governor Dick Lamm discusses how the Sierra Club abandoned the population and immigration issues in 1996. The $100 million Gelbaum donation was related to the Sierra Club not discussing mass immigration as the root cause of US population growth. Although mass immigration is the root cause of unending US population growth, environmental organizations like the Sierra Club refuse to address immigration-driven population growth.

This is from a panel discussion with Professor Al Bartlett and former Colorado Governor Dick Lamm at the October 2009 ASPO-USA Denver, Colorado symposium on peak oil. For more information and additional panel videos, see . Also see and

The deception is unrelenting, treacherous, and treasonous.  And yet folks still find it difficult to discover conspiratorial reasons behind events as opposed to accidental explanations.  Forced immigration throughout the U.S. is no accident.

Thanks to Lew Rockwell

UPDATE, 5/12/16:  In the following interview on a borderless society, Ron Paul nails it.  The burden of forced integration falls on the middle class.  Free and self-initiated immigration, paid for on your own dime, is a wonderful freedom and benefit.  If someone does not like the town in which they were born or are living, then move.  I strongly encourage this.  If I want to live and work in Panama, for example, I would make plans in advance only if I could afford it.  I would not think of burdening the middle class in that country to pay my way.  No way.  I have no problem with self-responsible immigration; it’s only the kind where people arrive and siphon services through taxes that are the burden of the middle class.  The SJW folks unfortunately do not believe in borders.  And some of these folks are quite religious.  And when they view the world through God’s eyes, they property boundaries and restrictions as an economic abomination.  But it is through property rights that all other rights emanate.

John Kerry’s salvo against middle-class Americans to declare, or rather to call, open borders is criminal.  It, in fact, is said to the same effect as Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation had on owners of property in the Southern states of the United States in 1863.  But I Social Justice Warriors and Liberation Theologists are just fine with Southern land owners’ property being confiscated and raided to serve a higher calling

On assimilation, I think Dr. Paul is right there too.  I think people United States want to live and be a part of its culture, and therefor want to assimilate to its pluralism and pluralistic values.

On borderless countries or open borders, that is plain and simple an act of war.  Not from some invading army per se, but more so from certain groups within our own government. I think that governments know the pending calamities facing people all over the world.  And I think this forced migration is an effort by internationalists to sovereign structures to implode.  More intelligent heads should prevail.  Dr. Paul’s comments are worth listening to:


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