Maduro Won’t Go Quietly in End Stages of Venezuelan Socialism

Doesn’t this put socialism on trial the world over? I wonder if North Korea is watching. I know Cuba is. And perhaps offering stopgap measures to quell unrest. I am sure China is paying attention too. Dump the Ponzi scheme. And let the markets run things. We’ll see. Read just the other day that gasoline in Venezuela was $.10 measured in pesos. Today, that same price is $.60 but measured in U.S. dollars, a 6,000% increase.

“An idle factory will be a factory handed over to the people.”  –Maduro

That is terrific rhetoric.  So every time government thugs threaten to confiscate businesses and assets, the people or the working class are used as the toy to whom Maduro promises invented wealth while he and his buddies profit either from the sale of the business or from exclusive production on behalf of his thuggish cohorts.  Good work if you can get it.



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