“Problems that black people face today have very little to do with . . . slavery or . . . discrimination”


How much can we blame on slavery?

My notes from the interview–

How much political progress have blacks made in America since the death of Dr. Martin Luther King?

Start with elective office.   Significant political progress with elective office.  Political power has not been translated to better things like better schools and safer cities.  Political power is not the solution to our problems.

Voting Rights Act of 1965 was the first stage.  Large number of black officials in major US cities. Now have to leverage political power.

Japanese Americans stand at the top of the pile of economic success.  Japanese don’t even have political power where they are the most numerous, such as San Francisco.

Where you find Jews in America had economic power before they found themselves with political power.

Whereas the Irish found themselves with political power, they owned a city’s political machinery, were the slowest rising economically among the ethnic groups.

Blacks are the only oppressed people in history who’ve accomplished so much over some of the highest barriers in such a short period of time.  Consider just black people as a nation, black people would be the 9th richest nation on the face of the earth.  19th century is the fastest period of capital formation.

Problems that black people face today have very little to do with the heritage of slavery or with the heritage of discrimination

1925, 85% of black kids lived in 2-parent families.  today in Harlem, maybe you’ll find 30% if you’re lucky.  Now this great change cannot be attributed to slavery, can’t be attributed to racial discrimination.  Too much of our focus is on discrimination and the heritage of slavery as opposed to how we’re going to cope with the problems that face our communities today.

Quit talking about slavery.  Africans initiated slavery.  It’s an atrocity to keep using the slavery thing.  Ever since

LA gang shootings.

It’s a particular American crime.  It’s an abiding part of the American scene.  Condition of blacks should not be using it

Slavery and discrimination in America IS history.  Nothing can be done about it.

Today’s problems have very little to do with the heritage of discrimination, with the heritage of slavery.

So far this year In DC, 70 black kids have been killed this year.  8,000 will be murdered this year, more than the entire nation.  Can’t blame everything on slavery.

I am sure they have.

I’d be interested to find out what we can blame on slavery.

from Liberty Pen via Robert Wenzel, editor & publisher of EconomicPolicyJournal.com and of Target Liberty and author of The Fed Flunks: My Speech at the New York Federal Reserve Bank and the soon to be published, Always Fighting for Freedom: The Early Wenzel.



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