“Trump’s not going to listen to Congress or anybody else”

Ron Paul smacks down CNBC baiters.  See the video here.

He makes the point that Donald Trump is the worse of the two candidates because Donald Trump won’t listen to Congress, that he will proceed with presidential directives and Executives orders and do what he and his neo-con cronies want. Scary.  Whereas Hillary with her compromised record won’t be able to get much done Executively speaking.  That is good news, and for that reason I hope she is elected.  That does not in any way mean that I endorse her as president, as the person I want to see running this country, or me as an avowed Democrat.  God forbid!  But I see her as the less of the two psychopathic evils.

I liked Paul’s comments about political platforms, “They’ll have a platform, which is a farce.  They’ve had platforms for years.  Nobody pays any attention to them.”

His comments on Trump should frighten anyone living in a western democracy, “Trump’s not going to listen to Congress or anybody else.”

And his ending remark was exquisite, “For a socialist to do as well as Bernie Sanders, what’s the country coming to?”

Video from CNBC via Robert Wenzel at EconomicPolicyJournal.


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