“. . . massive tsunamis of Lies the Clinton-Obama-Media Gang”

I wonder.  I just wonder if all of the Bush bashing for the last 8 years hasn’t been a very effective ruse by Obama and political elites to throw attention away from the evil of the Clinton dynasty.

Writes Jack D. Douglas:

If Trump can keep control of his sense of outrage and betrayal over the massive tsunamis of Lies the Clinton-Obama-Media Gang are unleashing against him now, he has an excellent chance of defeating them by a landslide that will enable him and his reform crusaders to sweep away this vast swamp of corruption and mindless catastrophes and evil.

The entire Gang has lashed itself firmly to the absurd proclamation that EVERYTHING IS COMING UP ROSES IN AMERICA.

That puts them in mortal danger. The vast bubbles are wobbling precariously, the wars are going terribly against America and the West now [and Turks have are just now threatening to seize the  U.S. nuclear air base in Turkey], there will be more terrorist attacks and other atrocities they have encouraged, there are hackers and secret police here and around  the world desperate to stop the Hillary-Obama-Media Gang’s WWIII that is now well underway against Russia and China and their allies. Trump is just about to begin presenting his great teams and policies for rebuilding America to the nation, Americans have barely begun to get to know the great leadership genius of Trump and his many brilliant and extremely effective teams.

Trump needs to be steadfast, cautious, confident, upbeat on our future, gung-ho on the Great Awakening that is sweeping our nation, and show steady courage in the face of the evil Gang’s attacks on him and his family and everyone working to save and rebuild America.

We can never be certain in predicting human events like the timing of Vast Bubble Crashes or any of these contingencies, but it seems extremely likely that some of them will blow up in the Gang’s faces and sink them in November.

Steady as she goes. Show the people  your brilliant teams of co-workers and their brilliant plans for rebuilding our nation. If Providence does not shine on your efforts, you can retire with a sense of a courageous job done magnificently, even if the final successes of the work will not be yours. You have begun the vast work we must all do in this Great Awakening of America and we will carry it onward to completion.

Gung Ho!

via Lew Rockwell

Hill Jung Ill.jpgThere have been a few books of late on Hillary Clinton, published in a timely manner during the current election cycle.  One that should be read is by Roger Stone, titled  The Clintons’ War on Women, co-authored by Robert Morrow. Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate by Gary J. Byrne looks like another damning indictment of the White House pair and the #1 best seller from Lew Rockwell’s books page.


2 thoughts on ““. . . massive tsunamis of Lies the Clinton-Obama-Media Gang”

  1. “If Trump can keep control of his sense of outrage and betrayal…”

    When has he…ever? You’re talking about Trump’s Achilles heel. He can’t let any criticism go unanswered by overreaction, no matter how slight or nonsensical. It’s like ADHD. He simply can’t stay “on message”.


  2. It’s a political campaign. Overreaction is a prerequistie. As for staying on message, his mere presence on the national stage is like the sun rising on the Dracula-like GOP and Democratic narratives. He’s having an effect. So the state media attacks. Headlines are negative on Trump or positive on Hillary. Still, Trump is up by a few percentage. So there’s that.


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