Why Were So Many Terrorists on Welfare?

Via Lew Rockwell’s Political Theater; originally posted at Affluent Investor

Children loading tins of biscuits for civilians in liberated Europe, 1945

by Terry Applegate

In an amazing recent story, the thorough rottenness of the statist system of handouts was evident for all the world to see. Turns out that many European terrorists were making their living off the government dole – fed, clothed, & sheltered by the poor victims they eventually killed.

Of course, ISIS unabashedly instructs the terrorists they are inserting into the West to grab whatever ‘welfare’ they can from the stupid Western democracies.

This they eagerly did, with some garnering tens of thousands of dollars from various taxpayer-funded relief programs.

The Wall Street Journal reported that a top Belgian official “called the notion that the country’s welfare system is subsidizing terrorism an ‘offensive intellectual shortcut.’”

Well, well. If this is offensive, what do you call having suicide bombers blow you up after you have handed them the resources it took for them to plot and hatch their deadly scheme?

This kind of obliviousness in the ‘elite’ of Western countries has resulted in the public’s almost total distrust and open disdain for the ability and common sense of their leaders.

The exposure of such deep and obvious flaws in the statist welfare schemes suggests it may be time to reboot our thinking of what welfare is truly all about.

For starters, the Christian idea of welfare is voluntary almsgiving to the poor, the widows, and the children. When done through the Church, the needy are relieved while the undeserving poor are not. This being the crucial difference between Christian charity and secular charity – the former discriminates and the latter does not. For as Paul says, “…that if any would not work, neither should he eat.” The whole point is to lift the needy out of their poverty to where they are no longer dependent, creating in them the disciplines necessary to be self-reliant. Of course, there are always some that require permanent assistance due to their inability to help themselves but, the vast bulk of the people receiving welfare today are capable.

On the other hand, the anti-Christian state wants all welfare done by themselves without regard for morals, as this recent exposure makes obvious. This is so that they keep their hands on the levers of power, thus casting a materialistic and tenebrific patina on the whole process, victimizing, oppressing, and denigrating those who need help, keeping them down so they are always dependent on their superiors.

Charity is certainly virtuous but charity is just as certainly voluntary. There is no virtue in the government coercing tax monies from the productive people and giving it to their favorites, whether needy or not, whether terrorists or not.

After all, the Good Samaritan did not use government funds.


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