Police Radars, Spare Donuts, V-8s, V-6s, and KIAs

You like cars?  This is a great show.

Woods announced that 93% of his audience is male audience.  That’s quite a percentage. Cool.

Give a listen to his interview with Eric Peters.  End run and dodge all the tax farming.

Today’s show has Eric Peters, who runs Eric Peters Autos, EPautos.com.

First topic: Radar detector.  Do they work?  No one likes being pulled over.

Get one.  These will save you money.  He’s out on the road driving a lot.  And wouldn’t feel safe without his Valentine One Radar Detector.  These are not cheap, $450!  Said it has saved him thousands of dollars.  Consistently found to have the greatest sensitivity to police radar.  Prevents non-cop radar from bothering you.  It can track several radars coming at you.  And works with different apps.  Apps don’t tell you in real time with radar who just turned it on.  The app is more like flash a light, pipe a warning of a speed trap.

Valentine One Radar Detector
Valentine One Police Radar

New car features that ought to be optional.

Radar emanates from sources other than police cars.  It will emanate from garaage doors, automatic doors.  Many new cars come with new technologies that come with radar and laser, and an Audi will emanate a radar.  The V1 has new software.  Mike developed the escort software.  Valentine gives you an actual threat.

What about the interest in Tesla.  Cars catching on fire.  Disparate reaction to the problem of auto-igniting of Tesla cars.  Ride and Drives for journalists, like Peters.  Strong evidence there is a design problem.  Lithium Ion battery packs.

Government is funding Tesla and the state of Michigan is investing and buying stock in its company.  Subsisding 911 Porsche for high-paid government workers.

Self-driving cars?  Are they still testing it out?  Or is it a stupid idea?  Question of infallibility.  Anything build by people there will be problems.  Self-driving cars are encouraging to not pay attention and not be responsible.  Sensors fail.  Out on the road these cars will accrue mileage.  Parts wear, moving parts wear and wear out. Computer that operates in a car works in a much harsher environment.  The computer in your car has to be tough: 100 to -12 temps degrade mechanical parts.  Self-driving car has an aura of inevitability.

What’s the context of self-driving car campaign?  Manhattan residents who drive a few miles.  Different mind set for those who drive 100 miles on the weekends or commute that to work.  Not infallible; plus, the campaign is forcing these cars on people.

The donut spare?  Roll along on it for 50 miles and you’re okay. Origins of the donut spare.  Why from a perfect spare tire.  It’s a temporary use only to gimp you down to the gas station.  It’s much smaller.  Not designed for high-speed use.  Typically 18/19 inch wheels.

Has to do with pressure that all the car companies are dealing with to meet corporate average fleet fuel economy requirements.  Those are the mandatory minimum fleet averages that every car compnay has to meet or they get his with the gas guzzler fines.  By eliminating full-sized spare tire, you drop about 30 lbs. from the car’s curb weight.  If that gives them a fractional increase per car, that’s factored in a 100,000 vehicles it adds up.  That’s the chief reason for getting rid of the full sized spare in most vehicles and replacing it with this idiot temporary use spare.  And the crappy and unsafe jack you use at your peril.  Heavy duty jacks are gone because they’re heavy.

In the market for a pick-up truck and wondered why they’re so expensive?

Gets back to the corporate average fuel economy requierments, (1975). Applies to trucks too.  Of course, trucks are heacvy and so they need powerful engines.  To meet the conflicting demands of government and the market place, the government has passed regulation that forces car companies to get rid of V-8 engines by replacing them with smaller, heavily turbo-charged engines.  Ford’s 1500 Series, F-150: V-6 with turbo charges.  These cost more than a traditional V-8 engine.  Eco-boost engines with turbo chargers to replace the V-8s.  Aluminum bodies to lighten up the truck to get better gas mileage.  Costs go through the roof.

LCD touch screen.  Governmt mandated the back up cameras with view screens.  A couple of people backed over a kid, now everyone has to have a backup camera.

Air conditioning.  Lawyer caveat?  Click “Agree.”  Then you put the car in reverse and try to back out and the system mutes the radio while you’re backing up the car.

New, low-end, inexpensive car that he can get cheap.  What car does he get?  Where does he go to get such a car?  An affiliate contest in November.  Top 10 people win prizes.  2nd to 10th.  #1 seller will win a brand new car.  So he needs an entry level car. Automatic transmission.  He doesn’t want people to be cursing them for a free car.

Nissan Versa?  Not a good word.  Very basic car.  You can get a radio delete.  $12,000.  They delete radio and air conditioning for a new car.  Roomy back seat.  Drive train equals a Sentra.  A to B transportation appliance.  Better would be something $1000 to $1500 nice . . . for example:  one, utilitarian side: VW Jetta Sedan. Superb Diesel engine.  1.8 liter gas engine gets about 40mpg.  VW are unique in that they are direct kin to the Audi.  VWs are less ostenatious Audis. Jettas are less expensive.  A4 and A6 sedan. Jetta less expensive.

Sexier side: Mazda 6.  $18 to $19,000.  Known for being fun to drive.  Good looking car.  Not the fastest.  Well equipped car. Exceptional gas mileage as well.

Tom is looking at the KIA Soul and KIA Rio.



The above is the latest model Rio, 2011 to present.

KIA Soul  The 2014 model doesn’t look too bad.  Generally, I do not like the sport cruiser look.  It’s a crossover that in my opinion does a disservice to both the SUV and sedan.

But Tom Woods like these for the contest.  Not bad.  I would be happy with one of these as a free car.  Lots of models and sub models.

The soul is a box car.  They’re selling them hand over fist.  Roomy, versatile.  Small footprint on the outside.  High end features for the money.  Good family car.  Decent back seat.

Rio is a subcompact, commuter car.

Down a notch to . . . what?

Vastly inferior cars were in terms of how long they would last. Really?

Most people still stuck in the mindset of 4/5 years or 60000 miles better get a new one.  50,000 miles today and your car is still a baby.  Short of abuse, expect the car to go 100,000 to 150,000 miles.

Property taxes (what?) Saved 30% on insurance, much higher on a new car than a slightly used car.  Peters is very utilitarian when it comes to his cars.  He can fix them and maintain cars.  Cars depreciate massively.  Had a BMW VII, top line model $130000.  5 years from now that car will be maybe $50,000, losing $16,000 a year.  $8 or $9,000 and expect to be driving it for the next 10 years. Average car on the road today is about 10 years old.

You’d see cars that were 4 or 5 years old with paint chipping, smoking belching.  Today’s cars just don’t look old.

Peters has a wonderful community of people.  Eric Peters Autos.  EP Autos.  Service doing this for nothing.  He’s like Scott Horton in foreign policy.


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