“Walmart deserves a Nobel Prize for what they’ve done to help Louisiana”

First, this:

Wal-Mart is truly great for low-income Americans, and has single-handedly done more to lift more low-income people out of poverty than any charitable organization or government agency in the world. Add to that Wal-Mart’s demonstrated ability to deliver needed goods and critical supplies to areas following natural disasters like the recent floods in Louisiana, and usually way before FEMA or any other government agency or charitable organization arrives to assist affected residents.

I like this.  And I like WalMart.  I like WalMart precisely for the reasons the author mentioned.  In some cities around the country, WalMart stores are open 24 hours, 7 days a week.  So at any time of the night, if you need medicine or even diapers, you can get them. If you need Wi-Fi to send some document over the internet across the world and it’s got to be there within minutes, you can go to WalMart, sign on with their Wi-Fi, which is probably free, and send mail.  So, yes, I do find WalMart and how it serves the common man to be something of a miracle.  People love to complain because they can, but WalMart truly is a kind of miracle of the marketplace.

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