“Don’t trick people. Or they won’t talk to you.”

via Robert Wenzel’s EPJ

The following are a few points by Voss covered in the interview.

“3 Options: Fight, flight, or make friends.”

The guy’s name is Chris Voss.  Find him on Facebook.  His book, co-written with Tahl Raz, is Never Split the Difference.

Next to a “No,” the very next important thing to get from someone is a “That’s right!” Not a “You’re right!” but a “That’s right!”

Don’t trap people with “Yes” using open-ended questions.

1.  Would you like to have more money?
2.  Would you like to have more free time?
3.  Would you like to live in this vast mansion in the Hollywood Hills?

It’s a trap of bread crumbs.  People can get in the habit of asking questions like this because they feed off of yeses.  Logic traps that are littered with yes that always talk someone into something phony.  So people rely on no, because “No” is protection.  A “Yes”means commitment.  Don’t trick people.  Or they won’t talk to you.

Religion has been used to talk people into certain things.  Talked people into working their entire lives away . . . .  Know what someone’s religion is.

You’re coming from a moral place and coming from right and wrong.  Moral principles. Socialpaths use emotional intelligence to talk people into certain things.   Do we know this innately?  Online marketers, miracle abs.

For a fuller summary of his points, check out the Sales Page.



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