Environmental Movement: Insects Over People

I once showed the British documentary, The Great Global Warming Swindle, in an effort to show how global warming, which later got diluted to climate change, was a fraud perpetrated on the world.

I remember back in the 1970s, how scientists thought that the world would experience an ice age.  Didn’t happen.  But I think it preposterous for anyone to think that the man-made CO2 production in Anchorage, Alaska is having deleterious effects on flora and fauna and people in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  I mean the stretches of logic that this movement is asking, no, commanding, people to believe are absurd.  The only way this scheme can be sold is to lie about it.  That’s what the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the IPPC, has done.

DDT has been suggested as an antidote for the ZIKA virus.  Isolated in 1870s, it was first used as an insecticide in 1940s.  Wikipedia explains that

First synthesized in 1874, DDT’s insecticidal action was discovered by the Swiss chemist Paul Hermann Müller in 1939. It was used in the second half of World War II to control malaria and typhus among civilians and troops. After the war, DDT was also used as an agricultural insecticide and its production and use duly increased.[9]Müller was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine “for his discovery of the high efficiency of DDT as a contact poison against several arthropods” in 1948.

DDT helped saved millions of lives from typhus and malaria.  But, according to Rockwell,

It’t not patentable.  It is a proven and amazingly effective material.  It is toxic for animals and insects. Less toxic for people than caffeine, aspirin, or sand.  One of the many bad things that happened when it was outlawed.  Perhaps more than a million people have died from malaria and typhus in Africa and other poor areas where they would not have died.  So this is more blood on the hands of the state and more blood on the hands of the environmental movement back when Rachel Carson in 1962 wrote Silent Spring.

Rockwell adds that DDT was

Outlawed in 1972 under Richard Nixon, who also gave us the EPA and other wonderful departments, following Rachel Carlson’s 1962 book, Silent Spring, DDT was not only harmless, it helped save millions of lives.


In 1967, British Nature Conservancy researcher D.A. Ratcliffe was the first to study the effects of DDT on bird egg shells.  But according to Reason Magazine, Ratcliffe “dismissed lack of food and radioactive contamination as explanations for the thinning, but noted “some physiological change evidently followed a widespread and pervasive environmental change around 1945-1947….”  Oh.  So that’s interesting.  Sounds like he omitted certain factors to serve the forming propaganda on DDT.

In a second study, similar findings of eggshell thinning “coincided with the introduction of chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides like DDT, and concluded that these compounds were harming certain species of birds at the tops of contaminated ecosystems.”

But it wasn’t until 1969 that U.S. researcher Bitman repeated the findings.  And, to his disgrace, he fudged his experiment.  He fed his quails a low-calcium diet.  How low?  Four-fifths low.

From Reason, here is Bailey

Still, the researchers just had a correlation between DDT and eggshell thinning. So they did what good scientists should do—they experimented. Joel Bitman at the U.S. Department of Agriculture fed Japanese quail a diet laced with DDT. His study, “DDT Induces a Decrease in Eggshell Calcium,” published in Nature on October 4, 1969, found that the quail dosed with DDT had eggshells that were about 10 percent thinner than those of undosed quail. However, Bitman’s findings were eventually overturned because he had also fed his quail a low-calcium diet. When the quail were fed normal amounts of calcium, the thinning effect disappeared. Studies published in Poultry Science found chicken eggs almost completely unaffected by high dosages of DDT.

From the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, J. Gordon Edwards, Ph.D. explains that

The alleged thinning of eggshells by DDT in the diet was effective propaganda; however, actual feeding experiments proved that there was very little, if any, correlation between DDT levels and shell thickness. Thin shells may result when birds are exposed to fear, restraint, mercury, lead, parathion, or other agents, or when deprived of adequate calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin D, light, calories, or water. While quail fed a diet containing 2 percent calcium produced thick shells, a calcium content of only 1 percent resulted in shells 9 percent thinner than normal. In the presence of lead, shells were 14 percent thinner, and with mercury, 8 percent thinner. Bitman and coworkers demonstrated eggshell thinning with DDT by reducing calcium levels to 0.56 percent from the normal 2.5 percent. After this work was exposed as anti-DDT propaganda, Bitman continued his work for another year. Instead of the calcium-deficient diets, however, he fed the quail 2.7 percent calcium in their food. The shells they produced were not thinned at all by the DDT. Unfortunately, the editor of refused to publish the results of that later research. Editor Philip Abelson had already told Dr. Thomas Jukes of the University of California in Berkeley that would never publish anything that was not antagonistic toward DDT (T. Jukes, personal communication). Bitman therefore had to publish the results of his legitimate feeding experiments in an obscure specialty journal, and many readers of continued to believe that DDT could cause birds to lay thinshelled eggs.


At the 15:55 mark, Rockwell questions vaccines.  Question it and you get ostracized.  You get the boot from schools, from your job, or from clubs.

Autism is epidemic in this country.  And what it is doing to families intergenerationally is stunning.

Environmental movement, we have to remember, doesn’t like the human race.  The environment for them is separate from people.  People are always a negative on the environment.  Positive policies by government to diminish the number of human beings.  That’s the attitude of these people.

The Zika crisis.  Financial boondoggles to get control over people.  The house passed a bill 622 million.  Senate wanted 1.9 billion.  Alar scare on the apples in 1985.  Damaged the apple industry.  Another government scam.  Alar, also known as Daminozide, was used to scare consumers.  Wikipedia again

In 1985, the EPA conducted studies on Alar on mice and hamsters and proposed to ban the substance’s use on food crops. The proposal was submitted to the Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) which concluded that the tests were inadequate to determine how carcinogenic the pesticides were. Later it was discovered that at least one of the SAP members had a financial connection to Uniroyal and others had financial ties to the chemical industry.[4]

The next year, the EPA retracted its proposed ban and required farmers to reduce the use of Alar by 50%. The American Academy of Pediatrics urged EPA to ban daminozide and some manufacturers and supermarket chains announced they would not accept Alar-treated apples.



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