Reverse the Welfare State!!!

White privilege is really based on a narrative of being a victim of something–of race, of history, of oppression.  The minute you buy into this stuff, you begin to focus on and concede that those who’ve not been a victim of race or history or oppression have some kind of advantage over you.  Don’t buy it.

Number one problem is break down of the family.

You’re far more likely to end up in jail because of not having a dad instead of getting beaten by a racist cop.

The solution?  Reverse the welfare state!!!  Say it ain’t so!!

The Moynihan Report, 1965.

Maxine Water, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharptong won’t interview with him.  These are real world problems, not liberal, conservative, left or right, Republican or Democrat.  The answer is to dismantle the welfare system.

via Robert Wenzel


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