You could go to Bolivia, you could go to Bulgaria, and you could go to the peasant class, and you could say “Let’s flip this place.”

Fascinating interview of Andrew Breitbart by Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institute.  The first 25 minutes are excellent.  Worth watching the whole interview.  Breitbart, 1969-2012, was railroaded endlessly before his death on March 1, 2012.

Here is a loose transcript of the 21:40 to 25:30 segment:

BREITBART   They were trying to figure out how to effect . . . how to spread Marxism around the world.  You could go to Bolivia, you could go to Bulgaria, and you could go to the peasant class, and you could say “Let’s flip this place.”  The Marxist-Stalinist argument of getting the workers upset at the owners was very easy but not in America where the middle class was invested in their productivity, invested in the concept that they could have their own small little American dream . . . a white picket fence that they could invent something and go from one generation being dirt poor to being an owner within a very quick period of time.  What these guys figured out . . .when they came to the United States–and Adorno is the one that drives me the most crazy–he came out to California . . . I think it was Bertolt Brecht . . . in the 1940s at the height of the Golden Age . . . .  Think about this: these guys left Nazi Germany and Mussolini’s Italy to come to California and they lived by the beach (i.e., Santa Monica) and they were depressed by the relentless cheeriness, the productivity, and the capitalism that they witnessed around them.  They came up with a . . .  you can call it Cultural Marxism . . . but we experience it on a day-to-day basis, and by that I mean a minute-by-minute, second-by-second basis  . . . it’s a political correctness and multiculturalism.  And what it took was this amazing concept of E Pluribus unum and everybody comes here and contributes, everybody becomes an American and contributes, but we have a common culture, a common border, a common mind-set, that what they did was take the haves versus have-nots friction and translate it into  “Oppressor versus the Oppressed.”

ROBINSON  “And got taken up by faculties across the country. . . embraced by ‘60s academics.

BREITBART  “Post-structuralism, all of that, is pitting people against each other.  It is anti-American to its core.”

ROBINSON  Who  is Saul Alinksy and why should anyone care?  Obama is an acolyte of Alinsky, who created concept of community organizing.

BREITBART  Took all of this ethereal claptrap, this Noam Chomsky-like jargon that the average person couldn’t understand

ROBINSON  Herbert Marcuse is very hard to read . . .

BREITBART  . . . but he was able to translate the Cultural Marxist down to a series of rules and a mind-set, a warrior mind-set where the critical theory was like take on your enemy, take him directly on, destroy that person. He applied that critical theory down to the street-war level, and I would argue that the Katie Courics of the world, the Chris Matthews of the world, Rachel Maddow, and Keith Obermann are studied in the tactics of Alinksy.

via Target Liberty


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