“Senate ratifies [JFK’s limited nuclear arms] treaty all behind the backs of the CIA and the Pentagon [and] that made them absolutely furious.”

This is an excellent interview of Peter Janney on JFK’s legacy for world peace.  That’s no exaggeration.

I thought that the comments between the 9:19-11:39 segment were excellent.  Here they are:

McNamara and the defense establishment were caught with their pants down.  Talk about the most dangerous moment in all of human history.

We’ve just encountered people who don’t mind at all threatening nuclear war against Russia again.

U.S. and Pentagon pointed Jupiter missiles right on the Russian border in Turkey which led to the Soviet missiles in Cuba.  Kennedy to his credit pulled those missiles out of Turkey.  Had he lived it’s clear he would have won re-election.

He and Khrushchev were planning a number of initiatives to promote, working-together, collaboration, world peace.  I . . . I mean we forget that in November of ’63, shortly before Dallas, he was at the United Nations, giving a speech that said “Look, we are going to go to the moon but we are going to the moon WITH Russia, we’re gonna be partners in this endeavor.”  And so this I think had it taken place would have been a true symbol of the end of the cold war and that was just one of a number of things that JFK was up to.  Of course we have this legendary American university commencement address where JFK comes out of the closes so to speak and declares himself a man of peace or peacenik.  He challenges the American population and the entire world for people to examine themselves internally.  During that speech he also introduces the fact he’s going to undertake a limited nuclear arms treaty with Russia, the first of its kind and less than three months later the Senate ratifies the treaty all behind the backs of the CIA and the Pentagon.  They were not included in this endeavor.  And believe me, that made them absolutely furious.

And they decided to kill him.  To what extent was the Pentagon—and you put your finger on the CIA—what aspects of the Pentagon were on that as well?


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