“Expanding feminism means terminating masculinity. Defining men out of existence.”

Here Camille Paglia explains how transgender mania is a sign of cultural collapse.  And I paraphrase . . .

Anyone who collaborates in an intrusion into a developing child’s body and mind, is guilty of child abuse, a crime against humanity.  Because that child is not prepared to make such a decision.  Such decisions about sexual reassignment surgery must wait until one attains a majority, which is age 18.  It has become a fashion.  The transgender definition has become a kind of convenient label for young people who may simply feel alienated . . . culturally FOR MANY OTHER REASONS!!

In the 1950s, they might have become a beatnik.  In the 1960s, they might have become a hippy.  A lot of it—the collaboration of the bureaucratic machinery with it has to do with the assault on masculinity.  Expanding feminism means terminating masculinity.  Defining men out of existence.  Masculinity is by definition toxic.

From day 1 I have loathed the LGBT and its educational wing on high school campuses. How do parents and a community allow their children to be influenced by a sexual organization that advocates for surgical reassignment of their child’s body, that child’s personal property?  Progressives will argue that LGBT is there to defend and protect kids that are “coming out,” as if the most important development in a teenager’s life is his and hers sexuality.  This is how perverse the values in tax-funded schools have become.  Who appointed, or should I say, anointed a gay elect as guardian and protector of a kid struggling with her sexuality?  Is that the purview of campus sponsors or a professional who deals in psychological matters?  “Oh, but these poor kids can’t afford a $150/hour psychologist.”  Then they better learn how behave and toughen up.  Or, why can’t people just leave the kid to negotiate life his own way?  Progressives, ever the violent meddlers, will point to one or two incidents in which kids have been killed, typically reaching for extremes examples on every topic under discussion.  Can’t that person find friends who will protect him?  What about school administrators?  Dare I say isn’t that the most pressing goal of any principal is the safety of his students?  Instead, principals wash their hands of any responsibility and transfer that over to third-party advocacy groups. Parents, too, have washed their hands by transferring parenting to the schools.

Teenagers, with a penchant for unique, personal expression are wont to experiment, if for nothing else to earn approval or get a reaction.  As a result, the experimentation, if not grounded in an awareness of property rights and adequate forms of self-love, can go horribly awry.

In the 90s and the oughts, piercing was popular with high school kids.  Pierced ears, pierced lips, pierced tongues, pierced noses.  It felt like I was working among a tribe sired by Quequeg.  The kids would switch out their piercings.  One day a kid would wear a silver stud in his nose, the next it was wooden.  I saw miniature spikes driven through lips.  Ah, yes, self-expression.  Competition caused styles of self-expression to grow severe.  It was a competition in self-mutilation.

Self-mutilation was self-expression.  Then came prison attire with the boys wearing their pants not around their waist but around their thighs, restricting their legs as they walked. The evocation of shackled chain gang was unmistakable.  It was a race to the bottom with urban kids in the lead.  The ideal goal was to be a povert.  Hell, teachers got in on the act, for they were just better paid students.  When I taught in Hollywood I recall seeing young men walking like penguins, literally, or convicts shackled at the ankles wrestling against physics to put one foot in front of the other.

What had gotten a hold of these kids?  How did poverty and self-mutilation replace good sense and life-enhancing financial goals?

And what has LGBT got to do with it?  In a minute.

Remember rap culture and how it introduced prison attire and prison culture on a population of young men?  Racial and violent rap lyrics dominated hydrolics on old Chevy’s.  Cargo pants were the more pragmatic remnant of that era of the late 90s.  And those living that lifestyle I am sure saw those as a benefit and not some cultural blight.

But along comes LGBT with their surgical reassignment of reproductive organs just to start, introducing a ghoulish procedure to a small segment of the population that already sports a lurid fascination with self-mutilation.  And the school districts, pressured by, well, pressure groups, were obligated to install politically correct action groups.  Perhaps the gravest disappointment has been hearing gays defend the organization for its political muscle against social prejudice.



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