Jim Lobe on Trump’s Appointments

Excellent assessment on the worrying aspects of Trump’s Cabinet appointments.  Horton writes,

Jim Lobe, a veteran journalist and founder of Lobelog.com, discusses the wacky, conspiratorial worldview of Trump’s national security adviser Michael T. Flynn; the relatively level-headed secretary of defense nominee James “Mad Dog” Mattis; and how a Trump administration will deal with the Middle East, Israel, Russia and China.

The interview is quite good at assessing the different characters surrounding Trump and the White House, in particular, Michael Ledeen.  Ledeen has become increasingly Islamaphobic over the years. Came to the world’s attention when he was working with the Italian military intelligence.  He played a role in exposing the BillyGate Affair.

Jim Lobe has been covering the news in Washington D.C. for a long time.  As Libertarians might say, he’s deep in the heart of the beast.  Perhaps.  But I still liked this interview.


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