“Differences in income are the rule, . . . not the exception.”

Another excellent overview of important social topic by Thomas Sowell. Enjoy!!

A few notes from the show:

“Slavery existed before people could read and write.”

“Europeans enslaved Slavs for centuries before they brought the first black African to the western hemisphere.”

PR:  Slavery practiced in the United States was particularly perverse and dis– . . . because race got mixed into it at that point, right?

TS:  Race got mixed into it for the United States more than anywhere else for a very simple reason.  The United States was founded on, as the Declaration said . . . of Independence, said men . . . all men are created equal.  If that is true, then the only way you can justify slavery is to say that some men are less than men.  But in Brazil where Brazil imported more slaves than the United States, there was no such ideology.  Brazil was not a democratic country.  The whole issue never arose.

TS:  Race doesn’t account for differences in black/white income?

TS:  No, the differences between income between western Europeans and Eastern Europeans is greater than the differences between blacks and whites in the United States.  Differences in income are the rule, they’re not the exception.

via Robert Wenzel 


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