Paul Elam on the Brutality of Feminism

Tom Woods interviews Paul Elam, a leader of the men’s rights movement. It only makes me sad that the feminist movement has gained so much traction given the violence of its leaders and the violence of its positions.  Do women want power? Power in what, power over what?  Did they somehow have power that was taken from them?  By whom?  Don’t women in certain fields–like teaching and nursing–occupy the lion’s share of positions compared to their male counterpart?  Why the hate?  Do they prefer to boss others around, to dominate men? On what grounds? That they’re better than men?  I thought that men and women rely on one another? I just don’t get the victimization.

Elam’s description of the rape shield laws, the Dear Colleague Letter, and the Marv Albert case (at the 24-minute mark) were, along with the bit about Haitian relief workers ignoring men as they handed out food, particularly troubling.

Tom Woods delivers again.


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