We’re Going to War With Iran

video h/t Target Liberty

As college campuses are run amok with identity politics, the anti-war response against the U.S. government and against Trump are silenced and will be diluted by sexual orientation. The Left has won.  From an anarchist demonstration opposing free speech to a women’s march on Washington, D. C. led by Ms. Raunch herself, Madonna, the anti-war efforts have gone to the swamp.   All the while Donald J. Trump and the U.S. war machine prepare for nuclear war with Iran.  What has happened to Trump’s call for non-intervention and the elimination of NATO?  And he just nominated Elliott Abrams, super Neocon, to the position of Deputy Secretary of State.  The wars in the middle east will continue unabated through Bush II, then Obama, now Donald J. Trump.  When did America become so weak diplomatically?



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